Ally Mitchell

My name is Allison Mitchell and I am an ordinary woman with an extraordinary love for the Lord and for His Word.  This love for the Lord lead me to serve as a two-year missionary in Guatemala, Central America where I began a new love for the Spanish language and culture.  During this time serving, I completed the Spanish language program at Cana Language School in Antigua, Guatemala and then was immersed in the language for the remainder of my time there.  Since then, I continue to travel back to Guatemala and El Salvador on short term mission trips when the opportunity presents.

A mom of four, my favorite moments are the times when I am surrounded by my children.  My oldest daughter and my son are adopted from Guatemala and have helped me continue to be a lifelong learner of this language. My son-in-law, also a native Guatemalan, is committed to raising my granddaughter to speak both English and Spanish.  It is a joy to be able to share in this endeavor as “abuela” to our smart little princessa.

My two younger, biological, daughters are both still at home with me and currently are homeschooled.  We love the freedom and creativity that homeschooling provides for us and the time together is something that we will always cherish.  Anywhere and everywhere is our classroom and we love it!

A full-fledged southern belle, I live down south in rural north Alabama where the tea is sweet, the drawl is slow, and the front door is always open.  Not to worry, though, I can drop the southern drawl and roll my “r’s” with the best of them!  I’d like to consider myself the Paula Dean of the Spanish classroom. As students put their feet under my table through the virtual classroom, I will share stories of real live people and experiences and focus in on conversation skills.  By doing so, hopefully I will inspire students to learn this beautiful language so that their world will open up as they gain the confidence to connect with Spanish speakers either in their communities or on mission.

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