Fall Freebies for the Frugal Homeschooler!

Fall Freebies for the astute and frugal homeschooler

As a homeschooling Momma, you are probably on the lookout for quality, inexpensive materials. I can do you one better and offer you up to $150 in Fall Freebies. Over 13 Free Homeschooling Resources such as high-quality Unit Studies, Copywork, Lapbooks, and Notebooking.

These are high-quality goods, related to all homeschooling things fall and so much more.

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We will definitely be downloading a copy of Paul Revere’s Ride- Copy working in Print, Cursive and Manuscript Style by Bonnie Rose. There are several copy workbooks to chose from. We’ve used Copybooks for years and love them. It’s just a simple, easy way to learn great truths, memorize beautiful words and copy your handwriting. Perfect combo to my way of thinking!

Also, Philosophies at a Glance- the Pre-Socratic Edition by Stacy Farrell. We studied Philosophy last year and I’m excited to add this to our high school homeschool morning basket. We’ve also used Stacey Farrell’s Philippian’s Bible study in the past and found it to be excellent. Love using products from homeschooling authors that we know and trust. Stacy’s work is always well researched and excellent- this will be a great way to cement our understanding of philosophies and a perfect tie-in to our continued logic studies this year.

And because my 15-year-old has taken over most of the cooking, I’ll be downloading Cooking up History with the founding father- a 4-week micro unit. Coupled with the Culinary Arts course that she is taking through True North Homeschool Academy. They had us at the pie featured on the front cover. We are definitely pie people!

Of course, don’t forget to grab a copy of the Freebie we’ve included! We’ve learned so much through celebrating biblical feasts and festivals and it all began by celebrating Sukkot years ago. You can read a bit more about our adventure, what it all means, how to get started and download some colorful printables, including prayer cards as well.

All you have to do to claim one, two or all of these amazing freebies is to head on over to Homeschool Freebies and Giveaways and get the links for all or part of this amazing Curriculum Bundle.

Use them now or stash them for stocking stuffers, pull them out during the dead of winter or save them for a rainy day. Mix and match and create your own unique study, the sky’s the limit and the choices are amazing.

Grab it Today!

The Value of Homeschool Extras

The Value of Homeschool Extras

One of the greatest perks of homeschooling is that it can be tailored to each child.  This perk not only applies to core curriculum but also to all the little extras.  You may be tempted to skip out on some of these.  However, these extras are what can take a typical homeschooling day from boring to extraordinary!

Do you see the value of the extras in your homeschool? Check out why I think the homeschool extras can take your day from boring to extraordinary! #homeschool #homeschooling #electives

Electives, jobs, college prepping, life skills- these are frosting on the cake. They take a good, solid plan and jazz it up into something grand and festive.  So how do homeschool extras add value?

1).  Homeschool Extras Explore Their Interests

One year, our freshman took the Grammar of Poetry, Middle East studies, Intro to Water Color and Bio lab in our co-op. He also took Chemistry Lab and Myths and Legends online. Why?  Because it was what interested him!  Another year he enrolled in music studies, a lab at a local hospital, as well as a Physical Science lab. Our kids have even studied Spanish at the local co-op with native Spanish speakers.  We have sought out opportunities for them to explore things that are their passion.

Find out what your child loves.  What sparks their passion?  What lights a fire in them?  Perhaps you have a child that loves cooking.  Then our culinary course would be an easy place to start fanning that flame.  Maybe you have one that loves art. Then don’t forget to check out our digital art design course.  Maybe a local art class would even spark their interest.

Explore their interests and match their curiosity.  You might be surprised where your adventures might lead you.

2).  Homeschool Extras teach Life Skills 

Our acreage and house-rebuild project have provided ample opportunity to learn life skills. Our kids know, in great detail, about parts of construction and remodeling.  All of the kids also know how to comparison shop, cook and meal plan. They know how to glean and acquire goods and clothing for next to nothing and still look well dressed and respectable.  Students learn life skills in several ways.

First, from simply living.

By living and working alongside each other. Most of the above were not curriculum but necessity driven. When my husband and I have not known how to do something (i.e. tile the bathrooms) we have found mentors and books and learned.  Our lifestyle has necessitated seeking out information and implementing it.

Life skills for our teens also include knowing how to introduce people to each other, carry on a civil conversation, make others feel welcome and at home and engage in moral, honest relationships. We love technology, but use it as a tool rather than being enslaved to it. Shaking hands and making eye contact with new acquaintances is a lost art and one we hope our kids embrace, even as they leave our home.  Everyday life offers so many opportunities for homeschool extras, embrace it!

Also, from part-time work or volunteering.

Our high-schoolers have often had jobs that have included part-time work at tea and coffee houses, office work, farm and ranch work and most recently working at an orchard.  Never undervalue learning from hands-on training.

3).  Homeschool Extras Help Prepare Your Child

What comes after high school? We have found college is getting more expensive, less academically challenging and of questionable value when coupled with crippling debt. We are also in that odd middle-income range that affords mostly nothing regarding government aid, but can’t justify $25K per year per child on college. Where does that leave us? With college hacking, vocational and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Homeschoolers can spend their high school years fine-tuning their plan.  They can ask what comes next?  With that dream in mind, they can form a plan and a strategy on how to implement it.  Do they want a career that will require college?  Then perhaps they can start with some cheaper classes at the local college.  They can even volunteer in their field of interest to help with scholarship applications.  Maybe college isn’t their thing; then they can always pick up a part-time job in their area of interest.

(Need help during those scary high school years?  Check out our homeschool advising service in our store!)

As I wrote this post, it seemed a bit superfluous. I mean, most of the extras look like stuff that we “do” as a matter of course through living our lives. I offer what we do and have done as mere suggestions – perhaps they will spark an idea for you.  So how about you, do you see the value of the extras?

Back to school for you Homeschooler

Back to school for you Homeschooler


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It’s Back to School for You, Homeschooler!

It’s back to school for you, Homeschooler, along with most everyone else. Unless, of course, you never quit, school year-round or ease into it. Either way, ti’s fun to work in an end of summer/ early fall tradition or two. At least to celebrate the change of weather, new books, or a new season of homeschooling.

What are your back to school traditions?

Morning Basket Homeschool

It’s Back to School for you, homeschooler!

We have really taken the summer off from schooling and will hit the books hard beginning next Tuesday. We are gong to start our week with strong coffee, blueberries, topping gf pancakes, and some rocking good books, such as Say it Like Obama, Here Comes Everybody and Principals of War.  We’ve re-stocked our Morning Basket and besides good books, it’s full o  the Hebrew alphabet and Latin vocab cards and form charts. Throw in some memory work from Philippians and the year is shaping up pretty well. Morning Baskets for Teens. You bet!

We plan on taking a long Labor Day week-end just before our first week of school and will fill it with good reading and an end of summer cook-out/ bonfire, complete with chocolate zucchini cake, some mango salsa and meatballs, swimming and the infamous “bomb.” My 15 yo has been taking our Culinary Arts Class and got her hands on a copy of The Joy of Cooking and the yummy summer fruits and veggies have been transformed into more than just salads.

Back to School for You, Homeschooler!

End of Summer Bonfire!

Back to School Bonfire!

Our back to school tradition always includes an end of summer teen night with good friends, lots of food, a roaring bonfire, delicious hot S’moe’s (they’re called ‘S’mores, Buzz!”) sometimes singing, sometimes poetry reading or recitation, lots of laughing and talking and good memories. If it’s warm enough we’ll throw in swimming, and always include lots of bug spray, and walks through the fields, where the kids have mowed trails through the groves and long grasses.  Lots of watermelon will get eaten as we welcome the next seaon. Good, good times.

Lest We Forget, Planners

As part of our back to school tradition, we re-supply planners. Ds 18 likes a basic school planner, ds 15 likes one with a little more umph. Personally, I am a moleskin BuJu girl.

Throw in some washi tape and some fun stickers (’cause I’m also an old time scrapbooker) and I am a happy planner! Part of our back to School Tradition is outlining our big picture plan, which includes who needs to be where when, whose driving which car and which computer is in use at what times. Just to make sure we have a good overview and the car and computer bases are well-covered.

How do you get ready for the new school year? We’d love to hear from you?

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Back to School – Happiness or Blues?

Back to School – Happiness or Blues?

Back to School - Happiness or Blues?

We at True North Homeschool Academy are looking forward to starting our classes NEXT WEEK on September 4th!

For many kids, the idea of going back to school is exciting - seeing old friends and meeting new ones, learning new things, and new experiences!  For children who struggle, back to school can mean embarrassment, having to explain things AGAIN to new teachers, and anxiety about possibly being teased.

  • 13% of children in public schools were reported to have a disability and need special education services (The Condition of Education, 2016)
  • SPED Homeschool reports of up to 35% of students who are homeschooled have a special need or are a struggling learner (Global Trends in Special Education Homeschooling, 2018)
  • Parents who homeschool students who struggle need specialized education and support to help their child be successful
  • This specialized support should look different from public school because HOMESCHOOLING SHOULD NOT BE PUBLIC SCHOOL AT HOME!

How True North Struggling Learners Program can help make back to school blues disappear!

We have specially designed, research-based classes available to help your struggling learner achieve their goals!

  • Math Games classes

    • Level I- Math Facts - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
    • Level II - Review multiplication facts, fractions, decimals, and percents
  • Reading and Phonics Through Spelling Classes

    • Level I - Using A Reason For Spelling Levels C and D
    • Level II - Using A Reason For Spelling Levels E and F
  • ASL I - hands-on foreign language class!

    • Fourth most popular foreign language in colleges and universities
    • Learn to communicate with individuals with special needs, who are Deaf or hard of hearing
    • Hands-on, visual, great for children who struggle to learn a foreign language in a traditional way
  • Special Needs Academic Advising

    • 1:1 Personal Zoom Meeting
    • Personalized IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) Goals
    • Personalized accommodations and modifications
    • Personalized Curriculum Help
    • Personalized recommendations for grading, instructional strategies and visual aids (if needed)
    • Transcript Consultation as needed

Back to School does not have to be a time of pain and despair! We can equip you with the tools you need to succeed!

For additional Consulting and Tutoring Services, Visit our educational partner, The Thinking and Learning Center.

Special Needs LAUNCH

Our live on-line Special Needs classes are on sale NOW for 30% off as part of our LAUNCH! This includes Math Games I and Math Games II, Reading and Phonics through Writing I and II. American Sign Language continues to be only $299 for 32 week live on-line class! Sign up today!

Freedom & Homeschool

Freedom & Homeschool


I’ve homeschooled for 27 years. I know what I want to accomplish and why. I know how to get it done. These things have not always been true. What has always been true is that I wanted for my children something that I did not feel like I had much of growing up. And that mysterious something was freedom.

What did I want that to look like? Time.  Time for my kids to grow in to themselves without the stupidity and maturity stopping labels of too smart, too stuid, too rich, too poor, too whatever. Time to follow bunny trails and embrace passions and learn and develop as spiritual beings along with their intellectual and social selves instead of being stunted baby believers all of their lives. Freedom to hear the still small voice of God.

We’ve failed in a lot of things but in this one area, this area of giving our kids freedom, in this, we have succeeded. Our kids have spent hours reading and listening to good music, have developed their understanding of how to create and learn and grow and have developed their belief in the concrete, the mystical, and the divine.

In that, dissatisfied creature that I am, I am content. I am not proud. I am satisfied. I have offered 5 people in the world something unique and fulfilling and awe-inspiring and, I believe, eternal.

Lawlessness & Legalism

What they choose to do with it, however, is not something that I can control. And that leads me to the point of this post. Freedom is easily lost, frittered away and unappreciated. Two things crowd out freedom, lawlessness and legalism.

Freedom is oft mistaken for lawlessness. True freedom is anything but. True freedom points the way to something greater than what’s in front of us. It transcends. Those who are free and aren’t disciplined end up rebellious.  They are often ungrateful, entitled and lacking the self-control necessary to maintain status quo or to create something more.

On the other hand, freedom is often, because of our very human nature, tied up in a box and restrained. We want to set controls, make rules, define, clarify and develop. Everything is created twice and those who envision something extraordinary and beyond the norm frequently get hung up. The nitty-gritty necessities of making a way in the world often snuffs out freedom just as fast as devil-may-care lawlessness.


Our kids, who we’ve raised to be adults with eternal souls,  grow up to make their own choices, their own mistakes, and live their own lives. I’ve faithfully, along with the dedicated care and provision of my husband, given my kids freedom. Freedom to think and feel and live how they are called. It’s been a worthy calling and a sweet adventure.

What do you want most for your children?

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