Grace Murrell

Grace Murrell is currently a student in Apprentice University’s Jumpstart Program, and plan to join the institution fully in Spring 2018. I have been blessed to receive a classical Christian private education. From an early age, I had the freedom to learn and explore; my life has been characterized by reading, writing, listening, and having deep conversations about great ideas. In junior high and high school, I participated in various extracurricular activities, including RHETORIC Speech & Debate Club—writing, memorizing, and presenting speeches and debating at multiple tournaments each year. I also got involved in a local homeschool band and eventually, a choir. I continue to indulge my musical spirit by playing the flute, violin, and piano.

The horizons of learning only grew more tantalizing after I took several dual enrollment classes. I participated in Belhaven University’s High Scholars, a two-year program in which we read, discussed, and analyzed the major literary accomplishments of Western Civilization; and Art Appreciation, where we took an in-depth look into all of the major art movements and artists of Western culture. Additionally, I have taken several courses through Boyce College.

My teaching experiences include grades K-6 across various subject areas, primarily art and Latin. I love interacting with students, getting to know them as individuals. Every student is a unique person with a story and a purpose. My desire is to train the whole student—mind, body, and soul—to cultivate gardens and irrigate deserts, as the British author C. S. Lewis so beautifully described in his essays entitled The Abolition of Man. Throughout my courses, I hope to cultivate in students a love of learning and to develop their God-given abilities, to instill them with a passion to help others and fulfill God’s plan for their lives. I hope to provide families with a creative, candid, Christ-centered foundation to prepare students for a lifetime of learning

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