Homeschool High School

Homeschool High School, the mere thought of it can strike fear into the hearts of the most brave!  But, for some reason, you are considering Homeshooling High School and have decided to take the plunge! Many people are intimidated by homeschooling High School because they feel like they won’t be able to cover all of the subject areas adequately. Truthfully, for most of us, it HAS been years since we took Algebra, we might never have been that good at writing or we simple don’t have a good handle on history, or science. And seriously, WHAT is a credit and how do we do we create a Master Plan of Action to get through these next couple of years with our strong-willed, bored, lazy, overly compliant, non-compliant, willful, just wants to read all the time, hates math, never wants to read ever, delightful, funny, sleeping all the time, hungry ALL the time teenager?! Even with today’s amazing resources, making it totlly doable to homeshool high school and succeed, there is still the human factor!

An Exploding Market

The good news, actually the GREAT news is, that homeschooling has never been easier, especially for High School. Resources and materials for homeschooling High School have exploded the last couple of years, making it possible to craft an academically rigorous, delight directed, interest led, affordable program for your delight teen!

On-line Learning

Why utilize on-line learning as part of your homeschooling plan? It allows you to bring world class teachers and opportunities home, often for less than the cost of private tutoring. On-line resources are more diverse and range from free to expensive, with amazing content and quality. Some classes are live, some are pre-recorded, some are animated. We’ve done our fair share of on-line classes ranging from Latin National Exam prep, Math, Greek, Pre-law, Marine Biology, Chemistry and more. On-line classes have filled in areas that we weren’t prepared or qualified to teach. This coming year, my daughter will be taking Latin II, Biblical Hebrew, and some CLEP Prep courses on-line. In this way she can take Latin from a classicist, giving her the instruction necessary to conquer Latin verbs in a way that neither I or self study can do; Hebrew from a Rabbi in Israel, exposing her to a professional linguist, who also happens to be a professional actor as well and Clep prep; giving her a jump start on college, allowing her to reach her goals while saving time and money. My daughter has already figured out the homeschool high school is better than ever when we reach out into the wider world.

Local Homeschool Culture

Closer to home, most cities have a plethora of homeschool class days, co-ops and academic programs that are inexpensive to participate in. Our regional Homeschool Facebook page lists area groups and contact information. Many of us are involved in more than one group at a time, depending on our schedules and kids interests.  Additionally, area points of interest have begun to offer homeschool specific programs, such as our local Outdoor Campus.Image may contain: 3 people, people dancing, people standing and indoor

Having homeschooled in different areas of the country, it’s been my experience that the local homeschool community usually develops its own culture and unique offerings. We know of one large city that hosts a huge Homeschool High School prom. Our smaller city hosts a yearly dinner dance, and we also have a rich and diverse theater program for kids of all ages, with Drama Camp,  a yearly festival of One Act Plays and a Shakespeare Camp, where kids perform a full length Shakespeare Camp! It’s a big deal for the younger kids to finally get old enough to be considered for the Shakespeare Camp, as it’s only offered to those in Homeschool High School; it’s a rite of passage on some level, as most of them have been watching performances in the park for years before they are finally invited to participate.

Create a Plan

Essential Academic Advising

How does one take advantage of all of amazing possibilities open to homeshoolers these days? In my opionon, having helped hundreds of homeschoolers from around the world as an a Academic Advisor, the most straightforward way to systematically get through high school and create a rich and full learning environment, is to create a personalized learning plan. This should include academics, family values (we do a lot of actual Bible and Church History studies, other families focus on other things), extra-curriculars, sports and more! If you need help with this, check out our Essential Academic Advising package for today’s Homechool Student! We provide credit evaluation, a  Learning Plan, testing and  more!

Homeschooling High School can be such a rich, rewarding experience with the right plan and resources. Lucky for all of us, they are more available than ever before! The primary mission of True North Homeschool Academy is to come alongside Homeschool High School parents and families and bring them world class education for a small fraction of what it would cost them to purchase it on their own. We provide live on-line classes as well as clubs, so families can choose from structured environments to more casually structured environments as well as Essential Academic Advising to assist families in crafting a personalized learning plan from which to launch their students into adulthood! Two are better than one (Ecclesiastes 4:9)

Check out our Course Catalog for amazing on-line classes, clubs, testing and Struggling Learners Program. You might also be interested in Latin Math & Music- Universal Languages and C.S. Lewis: Literary Mentor.

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