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Homeschooling can be overwhelming, and even more so when it’s middle school and high school levels! There’s so much to know… how to handle testing, what to require for student work, and how to put it all together.



What We’ll Cover…


Learn the secrets of the SAT and ACT, AP/DE/Honors classes and testing!


Graduation requirements + transcripts: what do you and your student need to do?


Academic or interest-led, what’s best for your homeschool?


CLEP and saving on college costs, college vs vo-tech, alternatives to college

Presented by Lisa Nehring

Married for over 30 years, Lisa Nehring has five children, 2 graduate degrees and a black belt in homeschooling, having done so since 1991.

Education is the Transmission of Culture has been a guiding principal for her since she wrote a Master’s thesis many years ago on “Why Parent’s Homeschool.” She is committed to transmitting a culture of truth, beauty and goodness, by the grace of God.

She has worked as an Academic Adviser for homeschooled students from around the world. Students have included those with mild to profound physical and learning disabilities, as well as Olympic hopefuls, and other athletically and academically gifted.

Lisa is the owner of True North Homeschool Academy, and she has served students and homeschool parents as an Admissions Counselor, Administrator, Copywriter, Blogger, Academic Adviser, Teacher, Event Planner and Program Developer.

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People Are Saying…

Last October I had the privilege of attending a workshop Lisa led on the subjects of transcript preparation and home schooling high school, in general.

I found her presentation to be comprehensive and very well-prepared. Her confidence and reassuring presentation gave encouragement for the faint of heart and put wind in the sails of attending parents desiring to homeschool their children through high school.

She was available for follow up questions, had thorough and knowledgeable answers, helped set attainable goals, and was full of excellence in content.

I highly recommend any time you can spend in a workshop with Lisa Nehring. You will walk away encouraged and equipped!

Val Smith

Homeschool mom to one high school graduate and one rising sophomor

Saturday, June 30th, 8:45 to 11:45 a.m.








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We will be covering these topics in detail:

  1. Credits & Graduation Requirements
  2. Transcripts
  3. ACT/ SAT
  4. Honors/ AP/DE
  5. CLEP and College Costs
  6. Alternatives to College
  7. Academic or Interest Led
  8. College or Vo-Tech

400 S. Sycamore Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57110; Suite 105-3

your step-by-step roadmap

You Can Enjoy Homeschooling Through High School!

$330 per class includes Scranton Performance Series test- Math, Reading, Language Arts & Lexile Reading Scores! Great tool for Mom AND fulfills state testing requirements! Dismiss