Kelley Godwin is a homeschool mother of three, all who have had educational struggles at some point. Her daughter is now a successful college senior graduating with honors, who dreams of being a writer. Kelley also has a teenage son and a rising 4th grader. She has been homeschooling for nine years. Kelley began her career in the educational field as a reading and handwriting tutor 11 years ago. On her journey to help her children, she started researching everything she could find about learning struggles and Dyslexia. For six years, she tutored children with Dyslexia in her community. In her quest for finding the best way to help those with learning impairments, Kelley began mentoring under Kimberly Vogel, owner of the Thinking and Learning Center. There Kelley implemented a discovery-based learning program into her teaching style. Kelley taught handwriting and the RX Reading class at the Thinking and Learning Center. Kelley earned the reputation of being the go-to person for help choosing homeschool curriculum in her community. She loves helping others through the transition from traditional school into the homeschooling lifestyle. Through her passion and continual aid of others, Kelley became the unofficial homeschool coach in her local area and is now applying those qualities at the Thinking and Learning Center. Kelley keeps Christ as the center of her home as wife and mother. In her free time, and as a way to relax, she paints. She finds joy in painting landscapes. Kelley has sold several of her pieces. She continues to hone her craft, as well as teaching art to individuals in the homeschool community.

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