Essential Academic Advising Package

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Are you overwhelmed by all that homeschooling entails? Worried that you’ll do too much, too little or the wrong thing? Our Essential Academic Advising gives you a clear a personalized path and tools to navigate,  no matter what age your homeschool student.

True North Homeschool Academy Guidance Counseling Package includes:

  • 60 minute 1:1 Zoom consult
  • Personalized Curriculum Suggestions based on students needs and goals
    Personalized Learning Plan based on student and family interests, skills, resources and future goals
  • Personalize Transcript to date, including academics, extra-curricular and more to ensure your student is headed towards success!!
  • Scantron Performance Series Test
  • On-going email support


Our Essential Academic Advising Plan takes the worry out of Homeschooling so you can enjoy the process! Are you overwhelmed, confused or frustrated by the thought of tackling homeschooling? Are you a current homeschooler who feels bogged down in details, thousands of curriculum choices and managing the needs of your family? Let our years of experience as homeschoolers and educators guide you so that you can enjoy the process of homeschooling your students!

What you’ll receive:

A one time 60 minute consult through Zoom (additional consults or group coaching is also available) with an experienced Academic Adviser, who is also an experienced Home Schooler. who gets where you’ve been and knows how to guide you to where you want to be! During this time we’ll assess the homeschooling needs and challenges as well as your strengths and resources of your student.

Personalized transcript help: evaluation of what the student has accomplished to date, with a clear plan of action for what’s next. We’ll include areas that are often forgotten and look for hidden “credits,” discuss future possibilities and how that will affect High School plans, and brainstorm what the future might look like for your student. 

Personalized Learning Plan: including curriculum suggestions and recommendations for your student, based off tests scores and interview.

Scranton test Performance Series Test: Language Arts, Math, Reading, Lexile Score. This test provides great feed-back on where the students are at in relation to other students at their grade level, can point out challenges and areas of natural ability and a great assessment tool when choosing curriculum. 

The Essential Academic Advising Package is designed to help you have the best academic year possible with guided assistance from those who been where you’re at and are invested in your success.


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