Spring Semester 2018

Monday 4:00 p.m -5:00 p.m. CST, 2nd and 4th weeks of each month

Instructor Jared Burdick

1 Semester for students 7th-12th grade

1/2 credit +

Pair this course with Speech for 1 Credit and 10% discount

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This Speech club provides instruction and experience in preparation and delivery of speeches within a public setting. Emphasis on research, preparation, delivery. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to prepare and deliver well-organized speeches and the interpersonal skills necessary to be effective communicators in an academic setting. Students wishing to compete in STOA sponsored competitions will be well prepared to compete in the following four disciplines:

  • Interpretive Speeches
  • Limited Time Competitions
  • Platform Speeches
  • Wildcard Event Speeches

Forensics is the study and practice of public speaking and debate, according to the American Forensic Association. Students learn and practice speech and research skills to inform or persuade an audience. Students who participate in True North Homeschool Academy’s Speech Club can go on to compete in STOA competitive events  As we can see by the current political climate, the need for students trained in these skills is more important than ever before!

The homeschool community is not new to speech or competitive forensics, but it still struggles to balance accessibility and affordability and at the same time maintain the quality needed to make the competition worthwhile. Our goal is to equip clubs to help their students compete by taking the club aspect of STOA on-line, allowing students access to quality coaches and a community dedicated to Forensics. Additionally, SOTA offers smaller 1-2-day tournaments which are easier to travel to and less expensive than larger, longer competitions.

This Speech club will give students access to the adept coaching of National STOA Forensics competitor Jared Burdick. Forensics and Speech will meet on alternative weeks and participants will take part via Zoom, live on-line. If students/ families choose to participate in STOA competitions, Mr. Burdick and True North Homeshool Academy staff will work to help the students be as prepared as possible. Student/ families will have to travel to competitions in order to compete in person, which is not covered in the cost of the True North Homeschool Academy Forensics Club.

Speech and Forensics are offered as distinct Clubs, and are 1/4 credit each per semester. Participate in both clubs additional savings and credit!

We are thrilled to be the first on-line program to offer a STOA club, and the quality of training that that entails! Pair this course with Civics: Constitutional Studies for an amazing semester of high quality learning!


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