Reading & Phonics Through Spelling- Level 1


Reading & Phonics Through Spelling

Full Year Course

1-2 p.m.Tuesday CST

Taught by Amy Vickrey

Instructor Amy Vickrey, Kelley Godwin


Reading & Phonics through Spelling

Reading & Phonics through Spelling takes five essential components of reading – phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension – and systematically teaches students using a discovery and sound-based approach to phonics. Each week students will discover spelling patterns for different sounds using therapy methods in the class. Homework is completed each week using the A Reason For Spelling workbooks. This approach to reading and phonics gives a solid foundation while also using proven methods for students with dyslexia.

  • Level 1 Reading Phonics through Spelling is offered for students with a 2nd or 3rd grade reading and/or spelling level.

  • Level 2 Reading Phonics through Spelling is offered for students with a 3rd grade or above reading and/or spelling level.

  • This course is designed to help you special needs or struggling learner gain mastery and success, building confidence and ability through skills acquisition. Our trained staff is committed to providing gentle, guided and proven instruction.Classes at the Thinking and Learning Center are based on a therapy model of intervention. Class size is very small with four to six children. Higher-level thinking skills will be developed and supported in this interactive, small-group intervention that covers research-based reading or math instruction while mediation, Socratic questioning, and strengthening of cognitive functions will serve as the core methodology. Reading or math activities will be utilized as the core content in this dynamic intervention and students’ foundational reading or math concepts will be strengthened while their thinking, reading, language, math, and/or problem solving skills will be challenged, all within an atmosphere where anxiety is reduced and thinking is maximized.


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$330 per class includes Scranton Performance Series test- Math, Reading, Language Arts & Lexile Reading Scores! Great tool for Mom AND fulfills state testing requirements! Dismiss