In Spanish 1, we will begin with learning the letter sounds as that will help students the most in pronouncing their Spanish words correctly.  We will move from letter sounds in to learning some easy patterns to change English words in to Spanish.  The instructor will demonstrate to students that there are many similarities between the two languages, show them how to increase vocabulary by using the shortcuts that we will cover in class, and focus on the most used power verbs in the Spanish language.  The goal is to begin to put sentences together as soon as possible so that students do not get frustrated by learning lists of vocabulary but, rather, learn how to simply say what they would like to say.

Students will not be required to purchase a textbook.  A PDF of each week’s lesson will be provided by the instructor.  Class time will consist of the use of mnemonic flashcards which will help students create a picture in their minds in order to create a link between the English and Spanish words.  Through presentation of a new Spanish shortcut followed by repetition, students will be given the opportunity to create Spanish sentences on their own.  Students will be evaluated by written tests and verbal participation during class

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