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Students Interact With Each Other And Their Teachers – Check out live, online courses for homeschoolers in grades K-12.

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You will find topics that spark your child’s interest- taught in a way that creates a love of learning.

Sign-up anytime during the homeschool year for academic advising and testing, or our exclusive one-on-one tutoring program.

More Than Just Academics

We give our students the opportunity to develop wisdom.

Live Classroom Experience

Students can develop connections as well as focus on academics.

Teaching and Grading

We do the teaching and grading so you can focus on your family.

Quality Classes

Experienced, respected educators help your children succeed.

Grades K-12

Shop for homeschool classes for every grade. We have core classes, clubs and extra-curricular courses for elementary, middle school, junior high, and high school.

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Special Needs

Students with special needs and struggling learners will benefit from cutting edge techniques and tools to maximize their growth and learning potential.

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Testing and Advising

The nationally normed Scranton Performance Series test is perfect for homeschool year-end testing. It is easy to administer and affordable.

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Homeschool Resources

Get help right now. Easy to use downloadable resources will help you teach Latin, history, and guide your high school students with career choices.

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Interactive and Easy to Use

Our online classes are dynamic and interactive, delivered via Zoom.

Class sizes are limited so students can see and hear the teacher and each other for a full and rich learning environment. 

Each class is recorded and available if a student misses class.

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