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Full Year Classes =1 High School Credit

We do the teaching AND the grading for you!


The world of education is changing quickly, bringing with it unique challenges and opportunities. True North Homeschool Academy addresses those changes by bringing on-line education to you. Affordable quality, live and pre-recorded classes and so much more! 


We believe that Education is the transmission of culture. Our goal is to convey a culture of truth, beauty and goodness, alongside quality content and skills, with every course! We are your homeschool partner.


Our Academic Team consists of experienced educators and homeschoolers who are committed to bringing quality academics and a solid Christian world view to assist your student achieve their High School goals!

Enroll Now!

Full Year Classes =1 High School Credit

We do the teaching AND the grading for you!

True North Homeschool Academy

Real Experiences, Real Relationships, Real Life


As homeschool families ourselves, we know that time is precious. Every moment is a new chance to develop wisdom and connection. That’s why our classes are built to serve you and your student!

Each of our engaging and rigorous classes is offered LIVE – so your student can learn with direct teacher interaction. If the class time doesn’t fit your schedule, the lessons are recorded and uploaded within 48 hours, and the teacher is still available to assist with the material and your student’s needs. We are here to support you in your homeschool journey!

Need Simplified Standardized Testing?

Do you need a standardized test that is easy to administer, can be done in the privacy of your own home and can be taken multiple times during the year for the same low price?

We offer the Scranton Performance Series test. Delivered on-line, accessible through a computer convenient to you, the test is private and secure. Your student can go at their own pace, learning testing skills without suffering test anxiety, with a complete PDF copy of test results sent to your secure email.

These tests can be submitted for state standardized testing requirements and taken multiple times throughout the year at no extra cost to you! 

Special Needs & Struggling Learners

Do you have a special needs, struggling or reluctant learner? We can help! We realize that not all students have the ability to succeed in a traditional classroom setting. From testing to educational therapy, we have resources to turn your struggle to success!

Need Assistance, Encouragment or Re-Assurance?

“Last October I had the privilege of attending a workshop Lisa led on the subjects of transcript preparation and home schooling high school, in general. I found her presentation to be comprehensive and very well-prepared. Her confidence and reassuring presentation gave encouragement for the faint of heart and put wind in the sails of attending parents desiring to homeschool their children through high school. She was available for follow up questions, had thorough and knowledgeable answers, helped set attainable goals, and was full of excellence in content. I highly recommend any time you can spend with Lisa Nehring. You will walk away encouraged and equipped!”  ~ Val S. Homeschool mom to one high school graduate and one rising sophomore

Essential Academic Advising

True North offers comprehensive guidance to help you navigate the complexities of high school!

Academic Advising Services are offered by a former Admissions Counselor and Adviser, with advanced degrees in Human Development and Marriage & Family Therapy.  We understand the complexities of high school and advanced education. We link arms with you to ensure your future success!

What’s included

  • 1:1 One Time Consult
  • Personalized Curriculum Suggestions
  • Personalized Learning Plan
  • Credit Evaluation and Transcript to-date
  • Scantron Performance Series Test (if desired)
  • Experience with all types of curriculum, programs and pedagogy to maximize Transcript Evaluation including Classical Conversations, textbook, unit studies, eclectic, CM, classical, unschooling and more!
  • Experienced at “Finding Credits” that are often over-looked and under-utilized.

Career Exploration and Elective Courses

1/2 Credit Classes

We offer professionally produced Career Exploration and Elective 1/2 Credit Courses, that can be started and finished anytime during the year. Each course contains professional audio narration of all unit content. This feature addresses the student’s auditory needs, allowing them to either listen to the entire course, or download it using their choice of music player.

  • Personal Curriculum Narratives
  • Captivating Course Lab Activities
  • Professionally Recorded Podcasts
  • Balanced Reading Level
  • Contemporary Graphics
  • Tunes Audio Integration
  • Meaningful Assessments
  • Reflective Discussion Assignments
  • Review Games
  • Extensive Teacher’s Guide


1/2 + Credit Classes

  • Make new friends
  • Build respect and learn team work
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Relieve stress
  • Learn real-world skills
  • Develop time management skills
  • Avoid risky behaviors

Earn High School Credit, while having fun, making friends, learning Real-World skills and so much more! Each Club is designed as a 1/2 Credit class, to offer maximum flexibility, as well as give the student an opportunity to co-create a class for more credit.

Full year Live On-Line Course begin September 4, 2018

so that you can fully enjoy your summer!

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Spring Semester Classes & Clubs: Civics: Constitutional Studies, STOA Forensics and Speech, Creating Priorities for Students & Parents! Dismiss

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