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Do you need junior high tips?

Junior High is looming and you are 1 part excited and 2 parts scared. Your delightful little is now a lanky, gawky and possibly awkward teen. But, never fear, this is a wonderfully, exciting time in a young person’s life to homeschool as they move from child to young adulthood!  Today we have gathered 12 tips to focus on during those junior high years.

Junior High Tip #1 – Stress Management

The first tip is to teach your almost junior high kiddos some simple stress & anxiety management skills.  These skills can include mindfulness, deep breathing and working out regularly. Working out can reduce normal tween drama and tension. Physically tired tweens are usually happier and more agreeable tweens!

Junior High Tip #2 – Schedule Success

Now is the time to teach your student some essential skills that enable success.  Some of these skills include how to use a planner, how to take tests (check out our Performance Series test), and how to strategically skill build so that their hopes and dreams become reality.

Junior High Tip #3 – Study Skills

Study skills are an important part of junior high life.  Skills like how to memorize, take notes, take a test, read a map and organize will yield results throughout your kiddos life. Reading independently and out loud together is a wonderful way to engage with each other and academic material.

Junior High Tip #4 – Strengthen Weaknesses

During junior high, it is important to strengthen weaknesses in any academic areas like reading, writing, spelling or math computation. Don’t overlook strengthening soft skills /executive functioning skills like manners, communication, teamwork, time and distraction management skills. Now is the time to identify processing disorders or learning disabilities and really hone in on strengthening overall academic skills and abilities.

Junior High Tip #5 – Successful Communication Skills

Students should have basic writing skills like how to write a solid sentence, paragraph and 3-paragraph report so that they can successfully move into a 5-paragraph essay. Students should be able to give short 2-3-minute presentations with the goal to move into longer speech or dramatic presentations and performances.

Junior High Tip #6 Foreign Languages and Travel

Junior High is the perfect time to learn about different cultures and people groups through foreign language studies and travel, which broadens one’s perspective on many levels.  You can also check out the great live, online foreign language classes from True North Homeschool Academy.

Junior High Tip #7 – Extracurriculars

One great idea for junior high is to seek out extracurriculars that are of interest and also challenging.  Many students by this age have developed interests in areas such as art, music or sports.  Junior high is the perfect time to dive a bit deeper, enter contests and find mentors that will push them to the next level of engagement.

Junior High Tip #8 – Choose Challenging Courses

Jr. High kids should be engaged in areas of study that push them beyond their abilities, cause them to experience new things, grow and develop. Angela Duckworth, author of “Grit” suggests that kids should commit to Grit Goals regularly.

Junior High Tip #9 – Self Directed

Begin thinking ahead to what you want to do and focus on in high school and beyond, begin career exploration and even development. Kids should begin taking initiative and responsibility in Jr High – some will do so more naturally than others.

Junior High Tip #10 – Career Exploration

It’s never too early to start exploring career options.  Find professionals for your junior high student to interview and shadow as they go about their workday. Offer career exploration classes that allow one’s scope to be broadened about the plethora of jobs available.

(Did you know that we offer self-paced career exploration courses at True North Homeschool Academy?  Check them out here!)

Junior High Tip #11 – Service Hours

Now is the time for your junior high student to get involved in Community Service. This gives kids a great perspective, develops gratitude, and might even open up internships and job or career opportunities and possibilities.

Junior High Tip #12 – Navigating Technology

When you give your kid a cell phone make time to sit down and talk about the responsibilities, dangers, and opportunities that come with it. Put controls on the cell phone and make sure that you can track where your kids go for accountability. Talk to your kids about integrity and how they should be the same person online as they are in real life.  It’s also a good time to teach your child how effective communication in the digital age.

Last and not least, have fun! Junior high can be serious business, but it’s a delightful time as you watch your kiddo move from dependent child to burgeoning adult.  If you are looking for an amazing program for your Junior High student check out our courses at True North Homeschool Academy!

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