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K-12 Live, Interactive, Online Classes!

Education that takes you in the right direction.

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Real Experiences, Real Relationships, Real Life!

Full-year classes for the 2022-23 school year will be listed soon. You can view our current full-year classes to see the types of courses we offer each year or purchase our Spring Semester Classes now. Click here to complete an inquiry form and learn more. An administrator will contact you to answer any questions you have.

True North Homeschool Academy was born out of a passion to equip and nurture parents as they intentionally educate their children. 

We’ve been offering live online classes for over a decade, and have collectively been involved in alternative education in the form of private schools, classical academies, yeshivas, co-ops, class days, classical charters, online academies, and more. 

We believe that Education is the Transmission of Culture. We are coming from a decidedly Judeo-Christian point of view. We are people of the Book. 

True North Homeschool Academy teachers are a group of passionate, qualified, creative educators providing carefully curated Core Courses and Clubs, delivered by utilizing cutting-edge technology, gamification, and solid academic pedagogy. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of homeschooling.

More Than Just Academics

We give our students the opportunity to develop wisdom.

They collaborate and learn with students from around the world.

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Live Classroom Experience

Students develop connections as well as focus on academics.

We provide accommodations for students who need them.

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Teaching & Grading

We do the teaching and grading so you can focus on your family.

Find out more about our classes or Academic Advising.

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Interactive and Easy to Use

Our online classes are dynamic and interactive, delivered via Zoom.

Class sizes are limited so students can see and hear the teacher and each other for a full and rich learning environment. 

Each class is recorded and available if a student misses class.

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