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Academic Advising  • Career Counseling Services  •  Testing

Are you worried you haven’t done enough? Worried that you have failed your student? Worried about the future? Unsure of how to sort through the thousands of curriculum options? Do you have decision fatigue? 

Our Academic Advising program is designed to come alongside you and your unique situation to help you create an actionable, affordable, individualized plan. 

Our experience indicates that most homeschooling families under credit their students and we are experts at finding “hidden” credits and creating a robust transcript for each student. We will help you shore up areas of challenge and capitalize on the strengths of each student and family.

We have helped scores of young people launch from high school to colleges, universities, Ivy Leagues, the military, Conservatories, NCAA scholarships, Vo-tech programs, Internships and even owning their own business. We understand the world of Academia, Higher Education Admissions and keep up with current trends in the future of work. 

We take great pleasure in coming alongside each family to work with their unique situation and needs. 

  • Academic Advising

    Academic Advising

  • SPED Academic Advising

    Special Needs Academic Counseling

  • College & Career Advising

  • NCAA Academic Advising

    NCAA Advising

  • TNHA Full Year of Academic Advising & Support

    Full-Year Academic Advising



We use the Performance Series test by Scantron. This is a “smart” test and will test each student by grade level and individual ability. This test will fulfill state testing requirements for each state. Safe, secure, done in the privacy of your own home, the test can be paused and gone back to. Perfect for students who struggle with test anxiety. Advisors are available to help interpret test scores and make academic suggestions. 

  • Performance Series testing for grades k-12 standardized tests

    Performance Series Test

  • Testing performance series bundle of five tests

    Performance Series Test – Bundle of 5 Tests

  • Testing performance series bundle of 10

    Performance Series Test Bundle of 10 Tests


Having True North prepare my child’s transcript was such a blessing. I would not have been able to do it on my own. It was done so quickly and beautifully. When it was completed I was amazed at all we had accomplished over the years. I will be a repeat customer for sure. If you feel like you need someone to create a transcript for you or maybe just need a little guidance True North will definitely be an answer to your prayers!

T.J. and Sarah C.

Homeschooling parents of 9

If you could only have one “lifeline” for advice and encouragement while homeschooling through high school, my pick would be Lisa Nehring. She is extremely knowledgeable about curriculum, methods, and knows how to help one think outside of the box when something isn’t working.  She helped me navigate through our high school years and then put together a very professional-looking transcript for us when we were done. She has years of experience under her belt and remains a positive, upbeat encourager who is always willing to learn about new resources and educational opportunities.

Lisa M.

Homeschool Mom of four graduates who have gone on to internships, college, and military

This is all wonderful!!!  Research saturation is right!  I felt like I was in a loop. This helps tremendously.


Homeschool Mom and True North Homeschool Academy Customer

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