Are you overwhelmed, confused or frustrated by the thought of homeschooling, especially as you tackle the high school years and beyond?

Our Academic Advising takes the worry out of Homeschooling so you can enjoy the process!  

What you’ll receive:

  • A one time 60 minute consult. We’ll get a clear idea of where you’re at and where you want and need to go.
  • Personalized Learning Plan that meets standards while honoring your method of education.
  • Credit Evaluation
  • Transcript to date, with a clear plan of action for what’s next.
  • Scranton test Performance Series Test: Language Arts, Math, Reading, Algebra, Geometry, Lexile Reading Score. 
  • Curriculum suggestions as needed.
  • Career guidance and resources

Special Needs Academic Advising included the above while taking into account each students special challenges and abilities and includes:

“If you could only have one “lifeline” for advice and encouragement while homeschooling through high school, my pick would be Lisa Nehring. She is extremely knowledgeable about curriculum, methods, and knows how to help one think outside of the box when something isn’t working.  She helped me navigate through our high school years and then put together a very professional-looking transcript for us when we were done. She has years of experience under her belt and remains a positive, upbeat encourager who is always willing to learn about new resources and educational opportunities.” ~Lisa M. Homeschool Mom of four graduates who have gone on to internships, college, and military.”

This is all wonderful!!!  Research saturation is right!  I felt like I was in a loop.  This helps tremendously.  Thank you. C.H. Homeschool Mom

Having True North prepare my child’s transcript was such a blessing. I would not have been able to do it on my own. It was done so quickly and beautifully. When it was completed I was amazed at all we had accomplished over the years. I will be a repeat customer for sure. If you feel like you need someone to transcript for you or maybe just need a little guidance True North will definitely be an answer to your prayers! TJ and Sarah C Homeschooling parents of 9


Looking for resources to help your students take ownership of their studies?

Orienteering is a one semester course for Jr. and Sr. High School students that follows a step-by-step process of defining a destination, building skills, setting goals, and evaluating ideas to discover a personal career map.

Orienteering changes students’ perspective of their future and provides them a method to pursue success.


Need Simplified Standardized Testing?

Do you need a standardized test that is easy to administer, can be done in the privacy of your own home and can be taken multiple times during the year for the same low price?

We offer the Scranton Performance Series test. Delivered online, and accessible through a computer convenient to you, the test is private and secure. Your student can go at their own pace, learning testing skills without suffering test anxiety, with a complete PDF copy of test results sent to your secure email.

These tests can be submitted for state standardized testing requirements and taken multiple times throughout the year at no extra cost to you!