Algebra II

Algebra II is a comprehensive math class which focuses on developing reasoning skills through the discussions of advanced algebra concepts.  Abstractions such as quadratic equations, polynomials, complex numbers, logarithms and trigonometry will be introduced and expanded upon. Students will learn to solve algebraic functions and graph them. This class will prepare students to succeed on both the ACT and SAT test, as well as prepare them for advanced mathematical studies such as Trigonometry and Calculus.
  • Algebra 2 Student Text (2nd ed.) Kathy Pilger, EdD  ISBN # 978-1-57924-385-2
    • or the updated second edition: ISBN#  978-1-59166-985-22 (one or the other)
    • Note this is the second edition. The third edition has been published but is not compatible with this course.
  • Algebra 2 Teacher’s edition (2nd ed.) Kathy Pilger, EdD ISBN 978-1-57924-386-9, (for parents to assist students with step by step solutions)
  • Graph paper (Required for all graphing assignments – graph’s submitted on notebook paper will receive a zero score)
  • Straight edge (e.g. ruler) for all graph drawings. Must be used for graphs.
  • Scientific Calculator (TI-30XS Multiview is sufficient)

This class is taught by experienced Algebra and Geometry teacher, George McBride, who takes great delight in making complex concepts accessible for even the most reluctance math student. While math can often be the achilles heel of the homsechooling parent, with our live on-line, interactive classes, it doesn’t need to be. Delivered through intuitive programs, you will have full access to the Course syllabus through Moodle, as well as be able to see and interact with your teacher, in real time, for one hour each week. Additionally, our course instructors are available through email between class times. Grades and assessments are included in the price of the course as well as encouragement and world class instruction. Please see our Course Catalog for more course selections and check out our Essential Academic Advising Package for help with creating a comprehensive High School plan for your student! At True North Homeschool Academy, we are here to come alongside of you to ensure that you have your best homeschooling year ever!

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