Teacher Profile

Amber Fonseca


Amber teaches high school level World Literature and Composition, English Tutoring 7-12 and ACT English PREP.

About Amber

Nobody knows the faith required to walk the home education path like a prior homeschool graduate turned homeschool mom. Often, when God calls us to walk in faith, the first step is the hardest.

Amber’s parents took that step when she was in elementary school: they withdrew her from public school and started their homeschool journey.

Homeschool Experience

From Amber: “Choosing to home educate my son meant that I would no longer be able to teach Lit & Comp, (College) Composition I and C.S. Lewis to high school students – or so I thought. I am excited about this amazing opportunity to share my passion for English with home school students online!”

Professional Degrees & Experience

Amber has her English Language Arts degree, a teacher’s certification, and a passion for teaching English.



I recently had a visit with an online English professor to discuss my course average and how I can 100% without a doubt maintain an A as the semester is coming to an end, and when I spoke with her she had told me my work was excellent. She said that the way I wrote had little to no grammatical errors, my pieces always flowed perfectly, my writing had well thought out vocabulary, and all-around amazing work was always submitted. She also told me that with the way I wrote, I must’ve had an amazing English teacher in high school. And I told her that amazing didn’t even cover it.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the tools you’ve given me that have helped me so much within my first year of college and I’m grateful for the teachings you’ve provided me that I will carry throughout college and in my future career.

Danielle C.

Homeschool Graduate and Former Student