Teacher Profile

April Oliva

True North Homeschool Academy Teacher

April Oliva is a True North Homeschool Academy teacher.

About April

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a master’s in Social Psychology, April finally discovered a love for teaching! She is now “retired” from public school after teaching Kindergarten through 5th grades for 7 years.

As she homeschooled her own two children, she developed a passion for sharing the love of the Lord in her teaching. She has since taught in many TK-10th grade homeschool classrooms over the years and has a special love for Classical Christian Education. She has a reputation for being a bit obsessed with finding exciting ways to ignite children’s natural love of learning with hands-on experiments, songs, exciting stories, challenging games, and a little laughter to tie it all together.

Her two children are now busy with college classes and passing on their own love for the Lord to those around them.




“We are so thankful for your online academy. This year has been an answer to prayer!”


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