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It’s Back to School for You, Homeschooler!

It’s back to school for you, Homeschooler, along with most everyone else. Unless, of course, you never quit, school year-round or ease into it. Either way, ti’s fun to work in an end of summer/ early fall tradition or two. At least to celebrate the change of weather, new books, or a new season of homeschooling.

What are your back to school traditions?

Morning Basket Homeschool

It’s Back to School for you, homeschooler!

We have really taken the summer off from schooling and will hit the books hard beginning next Tuesday. We are gong to start our week with strong coffee, blueberries, topping gf pancakes, and some rocking good books, such as Say it Like Obama, Here Comes Everybody and Principals of War.  We’ve re-stocked our Morning Basket and besides good books, it’s full o  the Hebrew alphabet and Latin vocab cards and form charts. Throw in some memory work from Philippians and the year is shaping up pretty well. Morning Baskets for Teens. You bet!

We plan on taking a long Labor Day week-end just before our first week of school and will fill it with good reading and an end of summer cook-out/ bonfire, complete with chocolate zucchini cake, some mango salsa and meatballs, swimming and the infamous “bomb.” My 15 yo has been taking our Culinary Arts Class and got her hands on a copy of The Joy of Cooking and the yummy summer fruits and veggies have been transformed into more than just salads.

Back to School for You, Homeschooler!

End of Summer Bonfire!

Back to School Bonfire!

Our back to school tradition always includes an end of summer teen night with good friends, lots of food, a roaring bonfire, delicious hot S’moe’s (they’re called ‘S’mores, Buzz!”) sometimes singing, sometimes poetry reading or recitation, lots of laughing and talking and good memories. If it’s warm enough we’ll throw in swimming, and always include lots of bug spray, and walks through the fields, where the kids have mowed trails through the groves and long grasses.  Lots of watermelon will get eaten as we welcome the next seaon. Good, good times.

Lest We Forget, Planners

As part of our back to school tradition, we re-supply planners. Ds 18 likes a basic school planner, ds 15 likes one with a little more umph. Personally, I am a moleskin BuJu girl.

Throw in some washi tape and some fun stickers (’cause I’m also an old time scrapbooker) and I am a happy planner! Part of our back to School Tradition is outlining our big picture plan, which includes who needs to be where when, whose driving which car and which computer is in use at what times. Just to make sure we have a good overview and the car and computer bases are well-covered.

How do you get ready for the new school year? We’d love to hear from you?

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