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Back to School - Happiness or Blues?

We at True North Homeschool Academy are looking forward to starting our classes NEXT WEEK on September 4th!

For many kids, the idea of going back to school is exciting - seeing old friends and meeting new ones, learning new things, and new experiences!  For children who struggle, back to school can mean embarrassment, having to explain things AGAIN to new teachers, and anxiety about possibly being teased.

  • 13% of children in public schools were reported to have a disability and need special education services (The Condition of Education, 2016)
  • SPED Homeschool reports of up to 35% of students who are homeschooled have a special need or are a struggling learner (Global Trends in Special Education Homeschooling, 2018)
  • Parents who homeschool students who struggle need specialized education and support to help their child be successful
  • This specialized support should look different from public school because HOMESCHOOLING SHOULD NOT BE PUBLIC SCHOOL AT HOME!

How True North Struggling Learners Program can help make back to school blues disappear!

We have specially designed, research-based classes available to help your struggling learner achieve their goals!

  • Math Games classes

    • Level I- Math Facts - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
    • Level II - Review multiplication facts, fractions, decimals, and percents
  • Reading and Phonics Through Spelling Classes

    • Level I - Using A Reason For Spelling Levels C and D
    • Level II - Using A Reason For Spelling Levels E and F
  • ASL I - hands-on foreign language class!

    • Fourth most popular foreign language in colleges and universities
    • Learn to communicate with individuals with special needs, who are Deaf or hard of hearing
    • Hands-on, visual, great for children who struggle to learn a foreign language in a traditional way
  • Special Needs Academic Advising

    • 1:1 Personal Zoom Meeting
    • Personalized IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) Goals
    • Personalized accommodations and modifications
    • Personalized Curriculum Help
    • Personalized recommendations for grading, instructional strategies and visual aids (if needed)
    • Transcript Consultation as needed

Back to School does not have to be a time of pain and despair! We can equip you with the tools you need to succeed!

For additional Consulting and Tutoring Services, Visit our educational partner, The Thinking and Learning Center.

Special Needs LAUNCH

Our live on-line Special Needs classes are on sale NOW for 30% off as part of our LAUNCH! This includes Math Games I and Math Games II, Reading and Phonics through Writing I and II. American Sign Language continues to be only $299 for 32 week live on-line class! Sign up today!