Teacher Profile

Ben Potter

High School Teacher

Ben teaches with True North Homeschool Academy. His online, live classes for middle school and high school homeschoolers include Introduction to Shakespeare and British Literature. 

About Ben Potter

Ben is a life-long learner. He is always ready to discuss in nerdy detail the things he enjoys learning about, which include: Star Wars, literature, grammar, church history, and baking. He is married to Katie Potter and they have three children. They have been homeschooling their kids together for 5 years now. Ben is a tutor to students online from around the country in various topics and an ESL teacher to adults in South Korea and kids in China. He loves the opportunity to explain an idea in a new way and see understanding come to a student. He also runs a freelance editing and proofreading company called Rightly Editing.

Homeschool Experience

Ben and Katie have homeschooled their children since 2015. They never planned to homeschool but were inspired by a number of friends and neighbors who homeschooled and helped them start their journey. The Potters love the freedom and flexibility that comes with the homeschool lifestyle, and especially the time they get to spend together and the ability to pursue their passions and interests. 

Professional Degrees & Experience

Ben has studied creative writing with an award-winning author, poetry with a poet laureate, and British literature with an editor of the New Oxford Shakespeare collection. He also holds a Bookkeeping certificate from Ivy Tech Community College and is TESOL certified. 



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