Bible in the Context of Israel is an over view course designed to challenge and provoke students to further study and investigation.  We will be studying the Bible in the context of Israel. This is done for the simple reason that understanding the Bible is far more accessible when learned alongside the history and geography of Israel. This provides a general and broad overview of the Bible in its entirety. For example, taking the Old Testament stories in chronological order, while learning the geographical locations of the Middle East like a traveler would, brings context to the history. This allows one to imagine  what it would be to live thousands of years ago. It also allows the student to understand the importance of the land of Israel and it’s significance in both the Ancient World and in today’s charged geo-political climate.

Bible in the Context of History is suitable for students ages 12 -99. The Bible will be the basis for history, but it includes additional elements such as a brief introduction to the study of Hebrew language, it’s development and importance. Students will also begin to understand the nuances and complexities between world religions. They will gain skills necessary to discern similarities and differences between world religions as well as how to wisely discern between man-made religion and truth. Students will also be reading and discussing The Color of Water by James McBride and researching social problems on a global level. This class will challenge you to live out your faith in new ways and stir your heart for Israel and the beauty of the Bible. 

This course is taught by Jen Noble, who has led groups to Israel and loves both the Bible and Israel. Please check out /Biblical Hebrew as well as our course, Hebrew History, Culture and Conversation. You can find more amazing courses, clubs, testing and our Struggling Learners program in our Catalog

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