Biology is a course intended to take students though the fundamental definitions, concepts and principles associated with basic biology.   Students will survey all 5 kingdom classes with a focus on cellular structure, function & reproduction; explore the basics of microscopic lifeforms;  be introduced to biochemistry;  explore an introductory level of molecular and Mendelian genetics;  be exposed to varying theories of biological development. 

Although this course will explore varying theories of biological development, including evolution, this course will be taught with a Christian worldview. 

Previous Exposures

It is assumed that students taking this course already a fundamental knowledge of life science principles based on a rigorous junior-high based course of science studies.  It is highly recommended that students taking this course will have completed both Exploring Creation with General Science and Exploring Creation with Physical Science, as published by Apologia, or an equivalent.

Course Materials & Resources

  • Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd (Wile & Durnell, Apologia, 2005, ISBN10 –1932012540)
  • Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd (Dincher, Apologia, 2014, ISBN10 –1940110122) recommended but not required
  • The Biology Coloring Book 1st (Griffin & Vadala, Collins Reference, 1986, ISBN10 – 0064603075)
  • The Case for a Creator (Stroebel, 2005, Zondervan, ISBN10 – 0310242096)

Biology is a foundational high school course and recommended for all High School students to have and to gain a greater understanding of the world around them. It is an excellent introduction to all High School Sciences.

This class is taught by Cindy Brumbarger who holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, giving her exceptional insight into the study of Biology.  She has also authored the curriculum she’ll be using to teach Humanities: U.S. Foundations, a 2 1/2 credit American Literature, American History and Fine Arts program.

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