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Build Teamwork by Camping!

For our second podcast on Teamwork at Soft Skills 101: Life Skills for a Digital Age,  I recount an amazing month-long backpacking trip I took to the High Unitas Wilderness Area in Utah the summer before I started college. Camping is such a great way to build team-work as we find ourselves in situations that are free of normal distractions and have scheduled fun and different activities like backpacking, canoeing, and cooking over an open fire.

Camping often takes us to places of breathtaking natural beauty, re-orienting us to the fact that God is an amazing Creator, who delights in simple beauty.

Camping Printables & Tips

Maybe you can’t get out in the wilderness right now but would still love some camping fun.  These camping printables are just what you need!  These can even be printed and used on the trip there.  You will also find some amazing camping tips and tricks.

Camping Unit Study! 

Field Trip and Travel Journal 

I’m going camping, now what?! 

Camping Writing Prompts

Do your kids love camping but hate writing?  Maybe it’s time to try some camping writing prompts!  Check out the following pages to combine camping and writing for your student.

Other Great Camping Tips & Tricks

Want to make that camping trip extra special?  Then check out these ideas below!  From food to crafts to great tips, we have you covered.

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DIY Camping Light .

Camping with Grandkids 

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8 Benefits of Going Camping with your Kids 

Best Advice for Camping when it rains 

Party through the US 

Give your kids experiences instead of things  

Camping Checklist  

Family Safety Checklist 

Does your family enjoy going on adventures? Check out some of the great expedition courses we have coming up this fall!




Build Teamwork by Camping!

So there you have it, some amazing posts about camping with your family.  What are you waiting for?  Get out there today!  Where will your adventures take you as a family?