Do you use testing in your homeschool?

Over the years I’ve heard many complaints and negative aspects of testing. It seems like one of those subjects that every homeschooler has an opinion about.  It’s true that testing is not for every child.  But are there good reasons to test, even if your state does not require it?  I say yes!  

When can testing be helpful?

To gain experience with testing.

Like it or not, testing is part of our society.  We take tests to drive, to gain access to college, even to serve in the military.  It never hurts for your children to have at least a little testing experience under their belts. Some students are naturally gifted at testing while others struggle more, but it’s probably safe to say that everyone can use some extra testing practice.

To know where you stand.

Yes, there are times when testing may not accurately represent your student’s knowledge, but you may also find yourself pleasantly surprised at what your student does know. I think that sometimes our children read and glean things that we don’t even realize. They can learn from a wide variety of sources, so sometimes a subject you perceived to be a struggle is right on course. Other times we may have missed something important. Testing can point out these strengths and deficits.

Standardized Testing can be intimidating to Homeschool parents and students! Stress no more! True North Homeschool Academy offers state of the art standardized testing through Scantron’s Performance Series tests. We offer Reading, Reading Foundation, Math and Language Arts, Algebra, and Geometry tests for grades K-12. Tests can be taken in the privacy of your own home and can re-taken more than once throughout the school year. Delivered online, accessible through a computer convenient to you, the test is private and secure. Your student can go at their own pace, learning testing skills without suffering test anxiety. Tests can be “paused” and re-engaged, allowing students to gain testing skills, score well, and gain confidence!For peace of mind.

Sometimes as homeschool moms it’s hard to know if we are doing enough, or being enough. There’s been more than one day when I’ve felt like I was failing my children. Testing often shows me that things aren’t nearly as bad as I think. Maybe that math I’ve worried about all year is actually on grade level, or maybe there are places reading can be improved. Either way, I know where we stand, and I can correct what I need to and lay aside worries that I don’t need to visit.

So where do I find these tests?

You are in luck because True North Homeschool Academy offers the Performace Series Testing just for homeschoolers!

So what’s so great about the Performance Series Test?

  • These tests can be taken in the privacy of your own home.
  • Your student can complete these tests more than once during the school year.
  • Your child tests at their own pace, eliminating a big chunk of testing anxiety.
  • The test continues to test the student in the subject matter, as long as your student can answer correctly, so you get an accurate read on what your student knows.
  • If you test with us year after year, your test scores will save; giving you a clear graphic of how your student is doing over time.
  • The test is standardized and nationally normed and thus, meets the requirements of many states who require annual testing for home educators.
  • You will receive a complete PDF of test scores, along with a Lexile Reading Score.
  • True North includes a review of the test scores with a teacher/advisor FREE

The Performance Series test is available for grades K through 12 and tests in the following subjects:

  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Math

It’s Cost-Effective:

  • Tests can be submitted for state standardized testing requirements
  • Tests can be taken more than once throughout the school year at no extra cost to you
  • A personal consultation is included in the cost. Use this time to review the scores of the test and ask about recommendations for your student based on them
  • True North Homeschool Academy offers bundles of tests for families with multiple students and for co-ops – both bundles save you money: bundles of 5 tests (save $6 per test!), bundles of 10 tests ($22 per test) and bundles of 15 tests ($20 each) all offer a substantial discount. You still get all of the benefits of taking the test at your convenience, from your own home, and have test results delivered to you personally, but receive a group discount. Note: group tests may only be taken once per student.

We hope if you have questions about the test you will contact us – or order it now online HERE.

Order Before Price Increase

Just a heads up – the price of the individual test will increase to $34 on November 1, 2020, so get your order in now. You can use the test anytime during the year so you can nab the lower price ($29.99) and still use it for your annual testing this year.