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Summer Splash! Sale

Summer Splash! Sale

Our Best & Biggest Sale on ALL THINGS SUMMER!
Make this your best summer yet!

Summer Classes


The 2022 Summer Session will last for 6 weeks and run from June 6, 2022, to July 15, 2022.

Build and sharpen academic skills so that your student can head into the full academic year with confidence! Classes are taught by trusted True North Homeschool Academy Teachers.

And right now (through 6/5/2022) we are ready to Splash into summer with our BEST, BIGGEST, and FINAL SALE on all.things.summer. 

Choose from fourteen Summer Classes that will build students’ academic skills, setting them up for future academic success!  Students will meet fellow True North Homeschool Academy students, learn from one of our world-class teachers, and learn to navigate our online campus! Choose from the following:

Each class leads into a full-year class in the fall, for students that want to continue their educational journey with True North Homeschool Academy!

Slow your roll, and get ready to get excited. <3  Ready? 3-2-1…


#1 ALL Summer School Classes are now just $69! (regularly $149).

#2  Summer Bootcamp Bundle (best deal!) is just $169! Summer Bootcamp Bundle allows you to choose 3 Summer Classes for an extra 20% off over ala carte classes!

#3 BONUSES!! With the purchase of any Summer School class collect the following Bonuses:

The total value of these BONUSES? 

Over $195. Yep, that’s right. 

So, act fast & start your summer with a SPLASH! 


Lisa & The True North Homeschool Academy Team

5 Great Reasons to Homeschool this Summer

5 Great Reasons to Homeschool this Summer

5 Great Reasons to Homeschool Over Summer

(Home) School is in for Summer

 I know, you are so ready for a summer break. Sleeping in, swimming, camping, and vacation. I hear you. I’m just as ready as you are. But, I also remember just how hard it was to get back into the swing of things with homeschooling come Back-to-School time. So, this year (Home) School is in for summer! 

There are tons of really good reasons to homeschool year-round, but today I’m going to share what I think are 5 great reasons to homeschool over the summer. Let’s dive in! 😉 


1. Choosing to homeschool this summer gives you the freedom to break at other times. 


Embracing the summer as a time of learning can let you flex when things come up during the year. And they do come up, don’t they? Someone gets sick, family visits, you travel during the holidays. Summer learning affords you the freedom to break when you need to without feeling behind or guilty. You set the pace.

2. Summer homeschool can help prevent that “summer slide” we hear about.

 Studies show that 20% of school year reading gains and up to 27% of school year math gains are lost in the traditional summer break. For the homeschooling parent, summer homeschool isn’t just about something to do over the summer, it’s part of the big picture of learning. We don’t want to have to start the year on the struggle bus, playing catch-up. 

3. Baby, it’s hot outside.

I know, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if your kids were anything like mine, that heat can be just as disrputive as a snow day. The heat makes kids lithargic. They tend to gravitate towards the air conditioning and often times a screen. Why not capture the screen time for learning?

4. Master a new skill.

Often times our school year is packed. We’re focused on the essentials and it’s hard to fit in a purely interest-based class. It might be time to learn a new language, master the math we’ll need for Chemistry next year, or hone our essay writing techniques. Even preparing for next year with a class on Study Skills can give a real advantage.

5. Getting a preview of coming attractions. 

Summer classes at True North Homeschool Academy are a great way to preview how the classes work in the fall. Our classes are particularly designed to support our full year classes. Students will meet fellow True North Homeschool Academy students, learn from one of our world class teachers and learn to navigate our online campus!

We’re here to support your homeschooling choices, happy to answer your questions, and provide you with an educational option that helps lead your kids True North. We’d love to see you this summer!



Bundle Your Summer Classes & Save!

Summer Bootcamp Bundle allows you to choose 3 Summer Classes for 20% off over ala carte classes!

Choose from fourteen Summer Classes that will build students academic skills, setting them up for future academic success! Our classes are particularly designed to support our full year classes. Students will meet fellow True North Homeschool Academy students, learn from one of our world class teachers and learn to navigate our online campus! Choose from the following:

Each class leads into a full year class in the fall, for students that want to continue their educational journey with True North Homeschool Academy!

Can Testing Ever Be Helpful?

Can Testing Ever Be Helpful?

Do you use testing in your homeschool?

Over the years I’ve heard many complaints and negative aspects of testing. It seems like one of those subjects that every homeschooler has an opinion about.  It’s true that testing is not for every child.  But are there good reasons to test, even if your state does not require it?  I say yes!  

When can testing be helpful?

To gain experience.

Like it or not, testing is part of our society.  We take tests to drive, to gain access to college, even to serve in the military.  It never hurts for your children to have at least a little testing experience under their belts. Some students are naturally gifted at testing while others struggle more, but it’s probably safe to say that everyone can use some extra practice.

To know where you stand.

Yes, there are times when testing may not accurately represent your student’s knowledge, but you may also find yourself pleasantly surprised at what your student does know. I think that sometimes our children read and glean things that we don’t even realize. They can learn from a wide variety of sources, so sometimes a subject you perceived to be a struggle is right on course. Other times we may have missed something important. Testing can point out these strengths and deficits.

Standardized Testing can be intimidating to Homeschool parents and students! Stress no more! True North Homeschool Academy offers state of the art standardized testing through Scantron’s Performance Series tests. We offer Reading, Reading Foundation, Math and Language Arts, Algebra, and Geometry tests for grades K-12. Tests can be taken in the privacy of your own home and can re-taken more than once throughout the school year. Delivered online, accessible through a computer convenient to you, the test is private and secure. Your student can go at their own pace, learning testing skills without suffering test anxiety. Tests can be “paused” and re-engaged, allowing students to gain testing skills, score well, and gain confidence!For peace of mind.

Sometimes as homeschool moms it’s hard to know if we are doing enough, or being enough. There’s been more than one day when I’ve felt like I was failing my children. Testing often shows me that things aren’t nearly as bad as I think. Maybe that math I’ve worried about all year is actually on grade level, or maybe there are places reading can be improved. Either way, I know where we stand, and I can correct what I need to and lay aside worries that I don’t need to visit.

So where do I find these tests?

You are in luck because True North Homeschool Academy offers the Performance Series Testing just for homeschoolers!

So what’s so great about the Performance Series Test?

  • They can be taken in the privacy of your own home.
  • Your student can complete them more than once during the school year.
  • Your child tests at their own pace, eliminating anxiety.
  • The test continues to asses the student in the subject matter, as long as your student can answer correctly, so you get an accurate read on what your student knows.
  • Scores will save, year after year; giving you a clear graphic of how your student is doing over time.
  • Standardized and nationally normed; meets the requirements of states who require annual assessments for home educators.
  • You will receive a complete PDF of subject scores, along with a Lexile Reading Score.
  • True North includes a 15 minute review of the scores with a teacher/advisor FREE

The Performance Series test is available for grades K through 12  in the following subjects:

  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Geometry
  • Algebra

It’s Cost-Effective:

  • Can be submitted for state requirements
  • Can be taken more than once throughout the school year at no extra cost to you
  • A personal consultation is included in the cost. Use this time to review scores and ask about recommendations for your student based on results.
  • True North Homeschool Academy offers bundles for families with multiple students and for co-ops Bundles save you money: bundles of 5 (save $6 per test!), bundles of 10 ($22 per test) and bundles of 15 ($20 each) all offer a substantial discount. You still get all of the benefits mentioned above, but receive a group discount.

We hope if you have questions you will contact us – or order it now online HERE.


Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips


Virtual Field Trips are a great way to see the world, even if you are on a strict schedule or tight budget. With today’s technology, field trips can be just a click away. I’ve compiled a list of Virtual Field Trips below. Some are fun, but all are guaranteed to bring learning to you! 

Get ready to reclaim Field Trip Friday (or any other day of the week, for that matter) with these 26 virtual museum resources. Create engaging, active learning with fun virtual field trips.

This round-up style list of virtual museums has something to learn and explore for every age and curiosity.  Have fun as a family or invite a group of friends to hang out together because these are perfect for home or small learning communities that are gathering digitally to learn and use the world as their classroom. Where will you explore first?

Explore the United States with these Fascinating Virtual Museum Tours

Use The World As Your Classroom with Virtual Museum Tours at 11 World-Famous Museums

Th Thinker Statue wears virtual reality goggles.No passport is required! Learn about all kinds of things from the best museums in the world. From art to artifacts, science firsts to exploring Mars. It’s all right at your fingertips.  There is no better way to inspire and encourage a broad worldview than by visiting museums and outdoor exhibits that allow for inquisitive exploration. Now, thanks to technology, you can give your child the world right in your own living room.

Museums to Visit Online

  • Le Louvre – Studying art this year? Check out this World Famous Museum! So many resources and so little time. It’s perfect for art project ideas, artist studies, and art appreciation.
  • Secrets of Easter Island This is a beautiful website put together by Nova and PBS. It includes a tour of the island and the game Move a Megalith. So much fun!
  • Virtual Farm Tours: Learn more about the wonders of agriculture with your students through this panoramic tour of farms in Ontario.
  • Reach the World at home resources. Each of these kid-friendly journeys follows the experiences of a stand-out Reach the World traveler as they dive head-first into an exciting new country and culture. Super fun for geography & country studies!
  • Museo Galileo Institute and Museum of the History of Science View over 1,200 objects on the permanent exhibition!  There is so much to learn about Galileo Galilei in this interactive, online museum. Middle & High Schoolers may also enjoy a deep-dive Galileo unit study. The Let’s Study Galileo: Science & Truth is a unit study exploring the life and famous works of Gallileo using artifacts and resources from the museum.
  • Holocaust Museum Tour Find pictures, video, and art from the Holocaust Museum. Use the virtual tour along with teaching resources and survivor stories as you help your family understand the tragedy of the holocaust. 
  • Online Exhibitions from the Natural History Museum in London– explore art themes, botanical illustrations, and save images of your favorite exhibits. Perfect for an indoor nature study on a cold winter’s day.
  • British Museum investigate, and have fun adventuring through the many virtual galleries! Learn more about Roman Britain and Egyptian mummies with in-depth studies that correspond with gallery artifacts.
  • Tour the Sistine Chapel – explore the paintings on your computer. This is the same dizzying experience as doing it in person … but without the neck-ache. Being able to zoom in and see the detail of these amazing panels is actually better than being there in person! Grab your sketchbook and spend the day in Vatican City!  
  • The Great Wall of China Virtual Tour– this 360-degree tour of parts of the Great Wall is impressive.  You can advance on the wall as if walking. Jump on the stationary bike or treadmill and visit China for PE class today!
  • Ancient Greek Mythology Virtual Tour – studying the Ancient Greeks or mythology? This interactive virtual tour of the Acropolis in Greece is perfect for learning more about this ancient culture.

Virtual Tours That are Out of This World

  • Explore an Estuary – if your students are studying the tides, ocean, or water dwellers, this is an excellent site. Explore habitats, migration patterns, and climate impact using any of the resources from all over the USA.

Can’t get enough of these virtual field trip options? Don’t worry; we have more suggestions and companion resources for you! I’d love to hear how you incorporate virtual field trips into your homeschooling! Share your favorites in the comments below!

Learn more about the author, curriculum creator, and True North Homeschool Academy Teacher, Shannan Swindler.