Using Teamwork in Your Homeschool

Using Teamwork in Your Homeschool

Teamwork makes the dream work…Even in homeschool! 

I have a somewhat funny story that I want to tell in this article. It’s about my pastor’s four daughters. 

He had us over for dinner one Sunday and I noticed that each one of his daughters prepared a different part of dinner, so I asked my pastor’s wife why that was and she said, “Well, they are all good at different things.” 

Their youngest daughter seemed to butter bread perfectly. There was never too much butter. There was never too little butter. 

The next daughter to up from her made a mean salad and, since they pretty much had a salad with every dinner meal, she always had something to do.  

The one up next from her had mastered the family favorite side dishes, so she knew that when it was time for a certain meal that she needed to get on her game with the side dishes. They were always cooked and seasoned perfectly.  

The oldest daughter was the meat master. This was the one who would stand outside with my pastor, watching him season and grill meat and she often watched her mom do the same, so she knew that, with certain meats, the flavor came from the spices!  

Each one of them had their own space in the kitchen to craft their part of dinner. When it was done, they each took an item that was needed to set the table and, one right after the other, they would set the table in preparation for their mom bringing out the heavy foods and then they would happily go get their creations.  

They were a homeschool family and even today they have that same work ethic. So, how can you get this to work for you? It may seem like I’m repeating myself a little bit from previous articles. However, there are a few points that I really want to drive home. 

First, know what your family’s strengths are and allow them to display them.

One part of teamwork is putting the best person for the position into the position, stepping back and letting them do what they do. It’s not gonna cause a mutiny. It’s not going to bring a sense of anarchy in your home, but Mama, that’s one less thing you are going to have to do that day.  

Second, make sure that they have what they need in order to get the job done. 

Every sports team has these things in common: 

  • an arena (a place to work),  
  • equipment (something to work with),  
  • electricity (which fuels what needs to be done)  
  • an opponent (a problem to fix), and  
  • practice (to learn the strategies to be the most successful) 

Which one of those do you need to implement?  

Lastly, in order to make teamwork make the dream work in your homeschool, show your appreciation for the effort given, even if the results aren’t that great. If you’re letting your kids help you make dinner and they burned something, instead of yelling about it, thank them for trying and you try to find a way to eat it. If that’s not possible, then stand with them side by side and help them to make it.

Your homeschool will not be as successful as you want it to be without teamwork and, if you are a working warrior like I am, you’re going to see that you can’t afford to run your home without your team. You have a team, so use it.  

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Blog Contributor Tammie Polk



Tammie Polk is a Mompreneur on a Mission! She is a married, homeschooling mother of three girls ages 15, 10, and 5 from Memphis, Tennessee. When she’s not pouring into her girls, you can find her writing, doing crossword puzzles, or playing games! Her major claim to fame is being the author of over 30 books on life, faith, family, and business- all of which were written in the last three years. Tammie is also a business coach, homeschool consultant, motivational and inspirational speaker, and international radio show host!



How important is teamwork in your homeschool? Teamwork is the glue that holds a successful homeschool together, especially for us busy working moms! Come see our tips for using teamwork in your homeschool! #homeschool #homeschooling #TrueNorthHomeschoolAcademy #teamwork

5 Tips from a Working Homeschool Mom

5 Tips from a Working Homeschool Mom

How do you do it all?  I think it’s one of the top questions I get asked when people figure out that I am a working homeschool mom.  I guess looking at it from the outside it does look like quite a juggling act.  I mean I have two kiddos I homeschool, one who is reasonably independent and one with dyslexia.  Then I recently decided to add in my own business, which takes up between 25 to 30 hours of my already busy week.  Not to mention my girls are active (okay, EXTREMELY active) kids.

Add in the house, the laundry, the meals, and I guess it probably seems like madness. (And I won’t lie, on some days it is!)  However, I have come across some tricks that save my sanity on those busy days.  So here are my five tips for keeping your sanity as a working homeschool mom.

Working Homeschool Mom Tip #1 – Outsource

This first one is a biggie because I sometimes think as homeschool moms we feel like we have to do it ALL.  This isn’t the case though!  Is math causing you undue stress?  Outsource it.  Struggling to keep up with your house?  Outsource it.  Find your weak spot and let someone else handle it.

So what do I outsource?  Quite a bit actually.  Both of my girls use Teaching Textbooks for elementary math, mainly because it was one subject I couldn’t wrap my head around.  We also take advantage of the many fantastic courses available from True North Homeschool Academy.  My oldest is in LOVE with her writing club and has even made some really good friends from across the country.  (See what I just did there?  I even outsourced socialization, lol.)

My youngest sees a tutor for her dyslexia and a speech therapist.  They are both involved in Scouts, an activity that my mom volunteered to handle for me, so guess what, I let her!  So even if it’s hiring someone to walk the dog, outsource what you need to.  You don’t have to do it all!

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Working Homeschool Mom Tip #2 – Self Care

This one has always been a biggie for me.  To stay running at top speed, I have to take care of myself.  Yes, there are days when it would be easier to eat a frozen pizza for lunch or skip the workout.  I KNOW you are busy, but trust me, make time for it.  In the end, it makes me more productive, and I get more accomplished in the day.  If I’m dragging it shows in every area of my life.

So set that alarm 20 minutes early, meal prep on the weekends, freezer cook, whatever it takes for you to take care of yourself!  While you’re at it, you have my permission for twenty minutes of free time every evening.  Take it; the world will survive without you while you regain your sanity.

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Working Homeschool Mom Tip #3 – Planning

One of my best secrets to success is planning.  Since I’m a work a home mom it’s VERY easy for my productivity to be zapped by refereeing fights, cleaning the kitchen, or deciding that the spices need rearranging instead of working.  As I write this, I’m wrestling with the urge to clean out the pantry, but I digress.  The best tool in my entire arsenal is my planner, no lie.

At some point every Sunday I plan my weekly to-dos.  I check our schedule and mark off times for sports, appointments, church and any other thing we have for the upcoming week.  It doesn’t matter how big or small, it all goes in the schedule.  From there I add in my work schedule and any other things I need to address during the week, as well as my meal plan.

Do I always accomplish everything on the list?  Nope.  There are days when we don’t finish math and nights when we eat take out for dinner, but I’m a lot more likely to succeed with a plan in place.

Working Homeschool Mom Tip #4 – Know When To Ask For Help

I have been sooooo guilty of overlooking this one in the past, but I’m getting better as time goes on.  The truth is, I can’t do it all (refer back to number 1) and I will kill myself if I try.  So I’ve learned to ask for help.  My kids and husband help with the house (hey, they live here too) and my daughters both have a pretty good chore schedule.  I mean, they have to learn anyway right? Might as well make it work to my advantage now.  My hubs is also great to jump in and help.  Now before you say yours won’t help, have you nicely asked?  They aren’t mind readers ya know 😉 

Working Homeschool Mom Tip #5 – Time Management & Saying No

This one is probably the HARDEST for me.  As a busy working homeschool mom, you have to know when to say no.  There are thousands of opportunities out there, and a lot of them are great things.  Volunteering at church….a great idea, working at an animal shelter….awesome, the Robotics Club that meets twice a week…..that sounds amazing.  Guess what though; they are also all things that I don’t have time for right now.

I’ve spent YEARS feeling guilty over those things.  Trust me, let it go.  Maybe someday the time will open for those activities, and I will tackle them with all the tenacity I have the other things in my life, but not today.  Today I am a working homeschool mom.  This is the season of life that I am.  I am embracing it, and I would rather be good at a few things than mediocre at many.

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So there you go, my top tips for working homeschool moms.  Are you a working homeschool mom?  What would you add?

Are you a homeschool mom looking for the best tips on scheduling and time management? Then you need tips from a working homeschool mom! No one knows how to get more done in a day than she does. Check out our top five tips now. #homeschool #homeschooling #workinghomeschoolmom #homeschoolmom #TrueNorthHomeschoolAcademy #workingmom


A Thankful Working Homeschool Mama

A Thankful Working Homeschool Mama

A Thankful Working Homeschool Mama

A Thankful Working Homeschool Mama. Is it even possible? We’ve all had that day when we get off from work or walk out of our home office and realize that there was so much that could’ve happened that day, but didn’t. Even though the house may be a wreck and you’re at your wit’s end, you smile at your family, take a deep breath, and get to put the house back in order. I know that things are rough for you, Mama, but you have much to be thankful for—let me share a few with you. 

Are you a working homeschool mom? Learn how to be a thankful working homeschool mom today! #Thankful #WorkingMom #Homeschool #TrueNorthHomeschoolAcademy

Be thankful that you’re a working HOMESCHOOL mom… 

There are many women out there who cling to the hope that this will be them one day. The ones who are looking at you and wondering how you do it? Yep! Those are the ones who have that hope.

While many have thrown in the towel for their own reasons, celebrate the fact that you stayed the course. More importantly, be there for those who are no longer on that journey and find a way to be a help and blessing to them. With the way things are going in the world today, the decision to homeschool is becoming more and more prevalent! 

Be thankful that you’re a WORKING homeschool mom… 

Didn’t you just say that? Yes, I did, but with a different spin. There are millions of women out there who are wondering what they can do from home so that they CAN homeschool. Would you believe me if I told you that’s how my business started? I was involved in a thread with some fellow homeschool moms who were wondering what everyone did for extra money. When I told them about my homeschool consulting business, I got messages for DAYS! You’ve figured out what you can do to help sustain your household while lovingly teaching and leading your children. 

Be thankful that you’re a working homeschool MOM 

I am certain many of you know someone who has lost a child or has struggled with having children—the emptiness they feel is unimaginable and some are quick to remind you of how wonderful it is to have a family. You may laugh and start telling war stories, yet the look in these eyes of these women seem to burn through your soul at times. Never take being a mom for granted. You have a rare and precious opportunity to shape young minds to be awesome adults one day! 

Be thankful that you make it work every day… 

It won’t always be pretty, either! You’ll have days when absolutely nothing gets done except for the work what you do. You might even have days where you look at the school bus driving through your neighborhood and start contemplating whether or not you’re going to put your kids on it. Then, there are the days when you simply want a quiet house, but remember: 

  • No one knows your babies better than you! 
  • They may fight now, but they will thank you one day! 
  • Each day you wake up is a new day! 
  • You may not meet every goal, yet you are meeting some! 

At the end of the day, it’s all about looking around our homes and seeing the positive, no matter how fleeting it might be. As you say goodnight to them tonight, tell them you love them and that you’re thankful for them! It will do much for your heart and theirs! 


Tammie Polk is a Mompreneur on a Mission! She is a married, homeschooling mother of three girls ages 15, 10, and 5 from Memphis, Tennessee. When she’s not pouring into her girls, you can find her writing, doing crossword puzzles, or playing games! Her major claim to fame is being the author of over 30 books on life, faith, family, and business- all of which were written in the last three years. Tammie is also a business coach, homeschool consultant, motivational and inspirational speaker, and international radio show host!

Blog Contributor Tammie Polk