True North Homeschool Teacher Christie Kuntz

Teacher Profile

Christie Kuntz

Teacher and SPED Equipping Coordinator

Christie teaches Claritas through True North Homeschool Academy and is our Special Education Equipping Coordinator

About Christie

Christie lives with her family in West Virginia with her husband and two children. She loves learning and trying new things, it has been a joy to learn alongside her children and others in teaching. She enjoys reading, quilting, crafting, and going for walks with her family.

Homeschool Experience

Christie and her husband have homeschooled their children since 2012 with both a classical and Charlotte Mason approach. Christie has taught a wide range of subjects at multiple grade levels in various homeschooling co-ops ranging in size from just two or three families up to over 100 families. She loves teaching science, math, literature, and composition, as well as, geography, but to her, any subject can become a fun learning experience with a positive attitude.

Christie and her husband have been active within the homeschooling community long before beginning their journey with their own children. It was through this journey they discovered their love of homeschooling.  Now Christie especially enjoys discovering each of her child’s and student’s individual education needs each year as they grow and expand in their knowledge.

Professional Degrees & Experience

M.S. in Biochemistry and M.A. in Teaching and Curriculum with an emphasis in Special Education.



“Mrs. Kuntz has always been a compassionate, clear and overall fun teacher. I have enjoyed taking classes with her these past several years and hope to continue tutoring and classes in the coming years.”

Ally M.

Co-op Student

“Christie has been a blessing to my family in our co-op experience for the last several years. Our family was transitioning from public school into homeschooling. She has always been a supportive teacher to each of my children, especially to our special needs child. As a parent, she walked alongside me and my husband as we were adjusting to homeschooling. I highly recommend her as a teacher and as a friend.” 

Classical Co-op Parent