Cindy Brumbarger

Cindy Brumbarger is a mother of two with more than 12 years of homeschooling experience, having successfully graduated both students through a private homeschool curriculum with a heavy focus on the humanities and classical methods.  Although she holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and began her career in an intensive care setting, Cindy found herself drawn to teaching and stirring a love of learning beginning with her own children.

Cindy’s teaching experiences as a lead teacher in a classroom-like setting include a focus on junior high and high school students with subject matter ranging from history to the sciences.  Her broader loves are early American history, Constitutional studies, and the life sciences.  Cindy has also developed a passion for unique learners and alternative learning strategies, patterned by her own homeschooling experiences.  She greatly enjoys having relational conversation with other parents as they navigate their own homeschool paths.

Having recently left a director’s role with a large classically-minded homeschooling tutelage in Central Indiana, Cindy now spends time developing her new humanities-oriented curriculum , encouraging other homeschooling parents, and engaging with students as a mentor and instructor at Apprentice University.  She and her husband live in Central Indiana and enjoy traveling extensively, especially time spent touring in their motorhome.

Homeschool Experience: Cindy has graduated 2 sons from homeschooling (one of whom recently graduated from Indiana Wesleyan this weekend) having homeschooled for a total of 12 years. She has taught other homeschooled students in various venues for a total of 10 years and counting.

Professional Degrees & Experience: B.A. Nursing