Teacher Profile

Cindy LaJoy

Special Needs Academic Advisor and SPED Parent Equipping – Membership Site

Cindy offers Special Education Academic Advising for True North Homeschool Academy parents as well as through the Membership site. 

About Cindy

Life is ever-evolving, and so is Cindy! Wife of 34 years, retiring homeschool mom of eleven years to her five young adults, perpetual night owl, lay minister, and Interfaith Seminary student who loves mosaic art, choir singing, and good conversation. Living in rural Western Colorado, Cindy has also been the project manager and job coach for Buckaroos Slices and Scoops, a business designed to employ her own children with learning challenges, as well as others with developmental or cognitive delay.  

Prior to spending the past ten years as a home educator teaching her five kids, she was a restaurant owner, an insurance agent, and a customer service manager. She also facilitated the international adoptions of all her children from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. She has assisted behind the scenes with their other businesses which include a mobile auto detailing business, a café at a local airport, and currently House of Spirits Liquors.

Cindy is the founder and group moderator of Blue Collar Homeschool, an almost 8000 member Facebook group with a resourcing web site. There she offers encouragement and shares her hard-earned homeschooling wisdom with families whose kids are heading toward trades or technical careers.

Homeschool Experience

Cindy’s family presented unique challenges due to her children’s backgrounds of institutionalization and educational neglect. 

She has a wealth of experience in special needs homeschooling and has successfully remediated and accommodated multiple learning disabilities including Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder, Cognitive and Developmental Delay, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Slow Processing Speed, Short, and Long Term Memory issues, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Unspecified Language Disorders, English as a Second Language, Giftedness, and Speech/Cleft Lip and Palate issues. 

She has also taught entrepreneurship and business development, and four of her five children are self-employed in fledgling businesses.  Her youngest is starting college as a junior in high school with the ultimate goal of becoming an educator himself.

Professional Degrees & Experience

Equipped with a sharp mind and a relentless desire to self-educate, Cindy has attained licensing in multiple career areas for her “prior life”.  Additionally, she earned her certification as a job coach for those with special needs from Virginia Commonwealth University.  She is a graduate of the Theological Education Institute of the Rocky Mountains, United Church of Christ, and is currently a seminary student at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.  



I have had the honor of working with Lisa Nehring over the course of many years, both as a colleague and as an instructor for my middle school child.  She is well versed in the teaching of literature, composition, and writing to a variety of ages. Lisa clearly states objectives and offers realistic goals to her students.  As a parent and home educator, she offered suggestions and guidance that were attainable and gave me the confidence to guide my child towards success. Lisa has years of experience and insight into a variety of educational strategies and programs.  As a fellow educator and homeschooling parent, her expertise and encouragement are top-notch.  We have had multiple opportunities to collaborate and for me (and my child) to benefit from her wisdom. Any student or parent who has the opportunity to work with Lisa will benefit and be equipped to move forward in their educational journey.

Louisa B.

Homeschooling parent of many and fellow educator