The Classics Club is going to be just what a club should be- a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of learning! Did Julius Caesar actually use rotten fish sauce like ketchup? Was the Roman military really one of the mightiest in history? And what do you mean Greeks didn’t wear togas? If you’ve asked yourself anything similar to these questions, you should consider joining the True North Classics Club! Over the course of the school-year, we’ll examine different aspects of ancient Greek and Roman culture such as everyday life in Greek or Roman households, ancient mythology and philosophy, Greco-Roman contributions to modern society, and so much more! As part of encountering antiquity, club members can expect to hear short presentations on a bi-weekly topic and then anchor their knowledge in hands-on activities, member-generated projects, and intra-club competitions! Our first session will be an introductory meeting for any interested students–feel free to join in to see what the club is all about before enrolling!
This Club is taught by Classics major, Gus Henebry, who loves Latin, Greek, Literature and a whole host of other interesting things! You won’t want to miss out on this dynamic, interactive club that will deepen your understanding of the Ancient World, classical Languages, but will also prepare you well for the Latin National Exam or the Medusa Mythology Exam.

Spring Semester Classes & Clubs: Civics: Constitutional Studies, STOA Forensics and Speech, Creating Priorities for Students & Parents! Dismiss

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