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Food, glorious food! It both nourishes and satisfies us, and it brings people together through preparation, enjoyment, and celebration. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about cuisine and how your creativity and appreciation can be expressed by preparing food, Introduction to Culinary Arts is perfect for you. Learn the fundamentals of a working kitchen, and explore what it takes to develop real talent as a chef. Enhance your knowledge of the endless varieties of food, and discover the possibilities that the many spices can bring. Learning more about food preparation will certainly make everything you prepare taste better while giving you the ability to bring people together through the joy of eating.

This course consists of 8 Units

  • Unit 1: The History and Development of the Food Service Industry
  • Unit 2: Food, People, and Society
  • Unit 3: Basic Nutrition
  • Unit 4: Culinary Arts Safety
  • Unit 5: Laws and Regulations Governing Food Service
  • Unit 6: Fundamental Skills in Culinary Arts
  • Unit 7: Careers in the Culinary Arts Industry
  • Unit 8: Becoming Employable in the Culinary Arts Industry

As you’ve progressed through this course and learned more about the culinary arts industry, you may have developed an interest in pursuing a career in this field. If so, you should know that learning how to cook and prepare food is just one of the skills you’ll need to become employed in food service. You’ll also need to acquire some professional skills, such as time management and a good work ethic, for instance. We’ll be looking at these and other skills in depth in this section. Even if you plan to follow a different career path, these skills will help you too! Supervisors in all industries are looking for people who know how to conduct themselves in the workplace!

This class is pre-recorded and can be started anytime during the year. Students have 10 months to complete the class. Pre-Recorded and delivered through Moodle. This course is excellent for students in 7th -12th. Counts towards 1/2 Credit of Home Economics, Elective or Career Exploration.

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