Born into a Christian family at the age of zero, I accepted Christ at a very young age, was member of Youth leadership serving as treasurer; a sign of things to come as I have served on the board of two churches as treasure, but my real passion is worshipping my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; I’ve spent years in choirs, worship teams, as worship leader, and sound engineer (for my church and My Son-in- law’s Gospel Quartet). My loving wife Darlene has been at my side for over forty years, never blinked when I tried something new (OK, OK …so she blinked once or twice and maybe put her foot down on occasion). My two children Matthew (Nicole), and Julie (Dennis Byers) have their 5 combined children in either home school or Christian school.

My career or should I say career(s) have varied; from the 4 years as an US Air Force Electronic Specialist, to civilian field service travelling around the U.S. to repair electronic controllers for assembly processes. To shorten the story I moved through Electronic Test and repair, Test Engineer, Field Engineer, Software Engineer, IT Network/Computer Specialist, Math Tutor. I like trying new things, in a restaurant I am likely to order that thing I have never heard of and can’t pronounce. I told Darlene I made “meatloaf surprise” she replied, “your meatloaf is always a surprise”. I returned to college at age 40 (highly not recommended; you try dropping into Calculus 2 after a 22-year hiatus!) and Graduated from MSU with a BS in Computer Science. Our current adventure is kayaking; did you know they don’t make senior citizen kayaks?!
My favorite things are Audio/Video editing (recorded several weddings for friends). I tried photography but found my wife taking better pictures with her phone than me with my Nikon; I’m pretty good at “Photo Shopping though”. My favorite food group is medium rare steak, followed closely by dark chocolate.

“George McBride is a fantastic math teacher!  With his clear teaching and comprehensive PowerPoints, he makes math easy!” – Former student Noah H.