Gus Henebry

Gus Braga-Henebry (B.A. Classical Philology), a product of a large home-schooled family, is a passionate supporter of classical education. Born and bred in the Midwest, Gus earned a bachelor’s degree in classical philology at the University of Dallas before teaching in classical elementary and high schools for two years. He is currently seeking a master’s degree in english at South Dakota State University, where he enjoys being a student, a teacher, and a writing tutor. Recently married, he lives with his wife, his books, and his musical instruments in Brookings, SD.

Homeschool Experience: I grew up homeschooled until college, only attending parochial school during 5th grade. I took a limited number of classes in high-school at outside institutions–only Greek courses at Augustana and Latin III at O’Gorman. In the future, I plan to orient my professional career so that I can homeschool my own children alongside my wife.

Professional Degrees & Experience:  B.A. in Classical Philology (Greek & Latin) from University of Dallas, class of 2014. If you ask me in a year, I’ll have a masters to put alongside that!