Bundled Biblical Hebrew and Hebrew History, Culture and Conversation

Learning the Hebrew language is important if you truly want to understand the Bible. While it is most translated book in the world, there is nothing to compare to reading the Bible in the original!

The revival of the Hebrew language is one of the miracles of modern Israel.  Through much of Jewish history, Hebrew remained the language of the Bible and Jewish ritual, but Hebrew had developed very little in centuries.  However, thanks to people from all walks of life – from visionaries to everyday Israelis – Hebrew is now the native, modernized language of Israeli life and culture.  It is used in conversation and literature, media and technology, music and sports.

This course introduces the student to the basics of Biblical Hebrew.  We will learn how to read the Hebrew letters and vowels, and proceed from there to Biblical Hebrew grammar and vocabulary, and passages from the Hebrew Bible.  This will be the beginning of the student’s journey leading to an in-depth study of the Hebrew Bible.

We will also begin to learn and understand Hebrew conversation, reading and writing, including grammar and vocabulary.  We will learn how Hebrew has developed, and continues to develop.  In this way we will appreciate the central role Hebrew plays in all aspects of modern Jewish and Israeli life.

These two back-to-back classes are perfect for those who have a deep desire to understand the Hebrew language and Jewish culture in a more in-depth way.

This class is designed and open to students who are 8th grade through adult. Rabbi Fischer has extensive experience in teaching the Hebrew language and is a gifted and passionate teacher, intent on making this challenging subject material accessible to students of all ages. This will be a dynamic and interactive class designed to bring our most treasured book to life!

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