History U.S. Foundations is a course intended to take students though the ideas and philosophies of the founding peoples of the United States from the Age of Exploration to the establishment of the US Constitution.  Students will  explore the ideas associated with this period of history, specific to the United States, engaging in elements of historical significance and progress, social factors, geo-political development, the influence of religion and worldview upon those ideas, evidence and influence of Fine Arts and period-relevant literature.  Focus of History U.S. Foundations will not be exclusive to core knowledge, but will build on discussion, primary source documentations, and conflicting historical viewpoints.  Students can expect heavy emphasis on application of thoughts, ideas and philosophies related to real-world events then and now. 

It is assumed that students taking this course already a fundamental knowledge of the essentials of US History at a junior-high school level. History U.S.Foundations is a perfect class for those who want an in-depth look at American, want to expand their critical thinking and writing skills and who are looking forward to a challenging and rewarding High School class! 

High School Credits 

  • American Literature & Composition= 1 cr / 1 semester
  • United States History = 1 cr / 1 semester
  • Fine Arts – History or Appreciation = ½ cr / 1 semester


Taught by experienced Teacher, former classical program Director and homeschooling Mom, Cindy Brumbarger, this class will be fast paced, challenging and eye-opening. Perfect for any student looking for a challenge, eager to learn more about the United States , law or freedom, students will earn 2 1/2 credits during this fantastic Humanities course. Not to be missed!

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Why is Humanities and the study of American History so important Education: Power Tool of Character & Virtue. give insight into why.

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