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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific times my child will need to be online?

Yes, our classes are delivered live online via Zoom so students and teachers can interact. You can download Zoom for free and you will receive an invite to class from your teacher. If your student cannot attend a class, you can request a recording of the class from the teacher. For the Classical Memory classes, we do not record the information that is specific to Claritas.

Will my child receive a grade?

Yes –Our teachers give and grade assignments. Assessments vary and grades may be narrative for younger grades.

What if my child struggles with the material?

Students have access to the teacher– they are all just a message away! Messages are usually answered within 24 hours during the week.

Does True North Homeschool Academy award credits?

As the homeschool parent you have the ability to “award” your homeschooled students credits which you document on their transcripts. True North Homeschool Academy teachers inform parents of the grade they are giving their student based on the criteria for each class, stated in the course description.

What does a typical week look like?

The Syllabus for each course is housed in our Learning Management System. Every student has access to this, along with the course schedule at all times. Each class differs in the amount of homework, but typically students will attend class and then have reading, assignments, videos, and projects to work on during the week. The expectations are clearly stated and teachers are available throughout the week to give feedback and help as needed. We do offer Elementary, Jr. High and Sr. High Homerooms which students can attend for help with homework and fellowship.

What types of fees will I need to pay each year?

The enrollment fee is a per class fee that covers administration and enrollment costs for our student all year long. There are no additional fees.

Full Year Class Enrollment Fees

  • Elementary Level Full Year Class Enrollment Fee:    $35.00 per class
  • Junior High Level Full Year Class Enrollment Fee:    $55.00 per class    
  • High School Level Full Year Class Enrollment Fee:  $75.00  per class
  • All Levels: 6 Class Bundle Enrollment Fee:    $75.00 per bundle
  • All Levels: 3 Class Bundle Enrollment Fee:    $55.00    per bundle

Single Semester Enrollment Fees

  • Junior High Class One Semester Enrollment Fee: $27 per class
  • Elementary Class One Semester Enrollment Fee: $27 per class
  • High School Class One Semester Enrollment Fee: $37 per class
  • One Semester 6 Class Bundle:  $37 per bundle
  • One Semester 3 Class Bundle:  $27 per bundle  

What is your educational philosophy?

At True North Homeschool Academy we believe that education is the transmission of culture. We are committed to transmitting a Judeo-Christian culture in our classes. We believe that teaching is a form of discipleship and to that end, pray for our students and seek to provide Godly mentorship. We desire that our students grow in their mastery of the material as well as their understanding of their selves and the part they play in God’s amazing plan.

Do you have a placement test available? I am not sure what grades/ level my student is at.

True North Homeschool Academy offers state-of-the-art Standardized Testing in Reading, Math and Language Arts, Algebra and Geometry with Scantron’s Performance Series Test. This test can be submitted for state standardized testing requirements.


If you are enrolled and looking for where to login for the True North Homeschool Academy My School App, click the link below to go to our Learning Management System.

Class Changes  •  Refund Policy  •  Discount Information

If you are still unsure about how to choose classes or which direction to take, our Academic Advising is for you!

We offer k-12th Grade Academic Advising, Special Needs Academic Advising, and NCAA Academic Advising.  We will provide you with a  Personalized Learning Plan, curriculum suggestions, classes and more. It begins with our in-depth consultation and includes testing, curriculum suggestions, a detailed personalized learning plan, an up-to-date transcript, and ongoing support.

More FAQ’s

What is available for students with Special Needs? 

We provide SPED Academic Advising as well as unique specialized, small group, live online classes developed specifically for non-traditional learners. We think you will love our hands-on approach to education. Get the details when you click here.

What is your refund policy?

We understand that schedules change or you may realize our classes are not a good fit for your child and so we offer a full refund (less 20%) for the first four days after a class starts.

What if I need to change my child’s class?

There is a $50 Administrative Fee for making class changes. We do not guarantee that there is space available in other classes if you decide to make a change.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer a 5% discount for Military Veterans and those in full-time ministry. Bundles are also discounted (save 5%) over stand-alone classes. For information on special offers and discounts, sign up for our weekly email.

What is a Bundle?

We offer groups of classes for Elementary, Jr. High, and Sr. High in 2, 3, or 6 class Bundles for a discount over individually purchased classes. We do not offer individual refunds on classes purchased as part of a Bundle. Note: classes may only be bundled by the category they are in. For example, only Elementary classes may be added to Elementary bundles. Only Junior High classes may be added to Junior High and only Senior High classes may be bundled in our High School bundles.


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