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James P. Stobaugh

True North Homeschool Academy AP Teacher

James P. Stobaugh teaches Advanced Placement courses through True North Homeschool Academy.

About James

After meeting at Harvard University, Jim and Karen Stobaugh were married 43 years ago and have 4 home educated adult children (and 9 grandchildren).  

Jim’s education includes:  B.A., cum laude, Vanderbilt U., M. A.,  Rutgers U. M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, Charles E. Merrill Fellow, Harvard University, D. Min., Gordon Conwell Seminary. He holds teacher certification in five states (doctorate level).

Dr. Stobaugh is an ordained Presbyterian pastor and his wife Karen is an ordained Mennonite pastor (retired) and learning disability certified teacher. Since 1993, Dr. Stobaugh has been a college admission coach and online AP instructor. He specializes in culturally diverse admissions to tier one colleges.

With over 25 books published, Dr. Stobaugh has written the well received SAT and College Preparation Course for the Thoughtful Christian (2016), The ACT and College Preparation Course for the Christian Student (2012), as well as a critical thinking literary writing and history series.

He has written two published novels: his first critically acclaimed, Amazon bestselling novel, Growing Up White (NY: Harvard Square Publishers, 2014) & Life to the Bitter of Soul (2020). In 2019 he finished a massive African American Social History & Literature based partly on his doctoral dissertation “Racial Anger” (Harvard/Gordon Conwell).

Finally, Dr. Stobaugh is the pastor of Mt. Laurel United Church of Christ, Boswell, PA, an evangelical Protestant church not too far from the Flight 93 crash. Jim and Karen reside on a farm called The Shepherd’s Glen in the Laurel Highland Mountains, Hollsopple, PA. You can read his blog and order his services at www.forsuchatimeasthis.com.

I want to thank you for the webinars you have been doing. Your teaching is phenomenal! The webinars have helped me to get a much better understanding of the material you present in the book. The worldview and historical background as well as background on the author help me to understand the perspective the material was written from. Your help with essay outlines helps me to better see how to organize my thoughts in a way that makes sense. Having an opportunity to ask you questions and gain your insight is such a blessing! Thanks!


Homeschooling Student

I just had to write and thank you, Mr. Stobaugh, for your writing curriculum. My homeschooled son, now a college graduate, recently completed a writing internship in Washington DC, has been published in several online publications and has just started working full-time in the journalism field. Your curriculum certainly was a basket of straw that fed his writing camel. Thank you so much for challenging him to think deep thoughts and to communicate them clearly in writing. May God bless you for the influence you have had in his life.

-Suzanne (mother of Grant)

Homeschooling parent

For years my family and I have admired Dr. Stobaugh and greatly benefited from his presentations at the North Carolina Home Educators yearly conference. This past year I was enrolled in Dr. Stobaugh’s online Advanced Placement Language and Composition class. His class was both demanding and encouraging. I was expected to write at least an essay weekly and Dr. Stobaugh promptly responded with insightful and constructive comments. Feeling prepared and confident, I smoothly completed the exam and received a 5 (the highest awarded score.) I would encourage all homeschoolers to take advantage of Dr. Stobaugh’s lofty credentials, Ivy league-trained intellect, and years of experience. He truly is one of the shining stars within the homeschool community. Thank you Dr. Stobaugh!


Homeschooling parent