Jeff Burdick

Jeff Burdick, along with his late wife Wanda and started Teenworks, in 1984 an on site tutoring service for home school families.  In 2002 they started the on line tutoring for home school families version called Webworks. With Wanda’s passing in the summer of 2017, he sold the on line tutoring business, which was re-named True North Homeschool Academy. Jeff is pleased to continue tutoring for True North, teaching Government & Ecomonics, America’s Providential History, and Western Civilization part 2. He enjoys working with the students and teaching truths and concepts forgotten by most people.

Homeschool Experience:: We started Homeschooling in the fall of 1984 JR was 12 and Jennifer was 10. Socially, the country was reeling from the drive to pass the equal rights amendment and the philosophy of radical feminism was on the increase though out the public education system. Our Children were publicly berated in the classroom for having traditional beliefs about the God given roles and responsibilities of men and women. So we left the public education world in search for a better option.

Professional Degrees & Experience: We started teaching our children at home and then a friend, Rosemary, ask/offered to teach math to our children in exchange for Wanda teaching English to their children and Teenworks/webworks was born. I began teaching Government, U.S. History, Western Civ in 1990 as we could not find a teacher for those subjects who could teach from a Biblical world view. since then I have taught hundreds of students those topics and continue teaching those truths today. Jeff has also spent years in the farming industry.