Education has been a highlight of Jen Noble’s career with a special focus on writing and curriculum development. She is presently the English tutor for the University Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which covers coursework through the universities in South Dakota. She also teaches adult students through the SD Universities OLLI program. In publishing her own writing, she’s been included in local and national magazines as well as two Christian book compilations,”I’m Glad I’m a Mom,” and “God Still Meets Needs.” In addition to teaching, she covers South Dakota’s state civil court cases in her role as reporter for Courthouse News.

Jen has also taken two trip to Israel, one with the South Dakota Prayer Network (2016) and another with her family, which enable them to experience the Holy Land (2018) through Pilgrim Tours. After her second tour, she developed a curriculum to cover areas through which she traveled, focusing on history and the Hebrew roots of the Bible. To date she has been sharing this curriculum with adult discipleship and homeschool groups, Jen is thrilled to be sharing her passion and joy of the subject matter to students throughTrue North Homeschool Academy. She plans to further the Great Commission among youth by raising awareness of global culturalism and the spiritual dynamics and needs of Israel and surrounding nations.

Jennifer’s extra-curricular activities included taekwondo and being a counselor for Exceptional Persons Camp. Taekwondo was a sport she initially began in Iowa with her brother, competing at the red belt level.  Due to her family’s loss of a business and increasing demands in school, taekwondo became less of a priority, and Jennifer didn’t earn her black belt at that time. However, when her youngest child expressed interest, and Jennifer took him to get signed up, she was told that taekwondo students don’t lose their rank. So she worked her way back up, breaking boards and sparring all over again, to finally realize a long-held dream in receiving a black belt. Jen is also a busy wife and mother and takes great delight in sharing life with her husband and three children.

Professional Degrees & Experience:  Corporate Communications B.A., youth and adult private tutor


Jennifer has the ability to tell a story well! Out of hundreds of submissions, she was chosen to be one of 58 contributors in the Hearts at Home compilation book, “I’m Glad I’m a Mom.” We were thrilled to include her story in such a needed resource to encourage moms! ~Jill Savage

Jennifer Noble and I worked together editing each other’s freelance work. She is a gifted creative writer and skillful editor. She would make a wonderful addition to any job in creative development, particularly with an emphasis on serving children. ~Jean A. Dunham, M.D.

Jen Noble teaches The Biblical in the Context of Israel.

Spring Semester Classes & Clubs: Civics: Constitutional Studies, STOA Forensics and Speech, Creating Priorities for Students & Parents! Dismiss

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