Teacher Profile

Jonas Polanco

True North Homeschool Academy Teacher

Jonas Polanco teaches high school electives such as Video Editing Basics through True North Homeschool Academy.

About Jonas


Jonas resides in the windy city of Chicago. He enjoys bike riding, art, good food, playing guitar, and gaming. Jonas believes in the value of self-learning and is self-taught in animation, video editing, sound editing, cooking, and computer setup. Jonas is also an entrepreneur and has provided service for streamers and content creators alike. 

Jonas was homeschooled for first grade through high school. When he was 16, he attended Morten college for a semester in the intro to graphic design and graphic art. Jonas also has attended Praxis, a 3-6 month intensive on sales, marketing, customer success, and operations. 

Jonas enjoys various hobbies and activities, such as blacksmithing, cooking, baking, movings, video games, anime, manga, drawing, guitar, sing, miniatures, spraypaint art, and woodworking. Jonas also plays guitar and sings at local bars and other establishments and has a positive influence and relationships with business and business owners. 




My daughter has had such a great first year with True North that she wants to do nothing different ever again. Good work !!!

Lisa A.

Homeschooling Parent