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Look for Full Year Junior High Classes

Middle school and Junior High kids love our interactive online classes. They get feedback and fellowship from the other students as well as the guidance of their teacher. True North Homeschool Academy offers core classes and electives that are fully directed and graded!


You need to click here to go to the Enrollment form once you have purchased your classes.

Class Changes

Check your schedule carefully – there is a $50 charge to make enrollment changes once your class is purchased. If you have any questions click here to go to our Inquiry Form.

More About Our Team

Click here to find out more about our teachers, their experience, teaching styles, and education.

Junior High Electives

  • Biblical Hebrew I

    Biblical Hebrew I

  • Latin II

    Latin II

  • TNHA Product Image Art Level 1 High school online homeschool classes

    Art Level 1

  • Latin I

    Latin I

  • Informal Logic

  • TNHA Product Image National Latin Exam updated for 2021

    National Latin Exam Test Prep

  • TNHA Product Image Chinese Grades 6-9 Foreign Language Online Course

    Chinese Language Learning for Middle School

  • TNHA Product Image Latin 3 high school online homeschool course for learning latin

    Latin III

  • Middle School Homeroom

  • TNHA Product Image Art class Level 2 high school homeschool class

    Art – Level 2

  • TNHA Product Image Latin 4 high school online homeschool course for learning latin

    Latin IV

  • TNHA Product Image Spanish Homeroom for Grades 1-12

    Spanish Homeroom

  • Online German Class at True North Homeschool Academy for High School Level Intermediate German

    German Two – Intermediate German


    Video Editing Basics

  • Art & Music Around the World

    Art & Music Around the World

  • Journalism


  • Dance - Full Year

    Dance – Full Year


Junior High Math

  • Online Algebra Program directed by a teacher

    Algebra I

  • 8th Grade Math

    8th Grade Math

  • 6th Grade Math

  • 7th Grade Math 

    7th Grade Math 

  • Math Homeroom

    Math Homeroom


Junior High History & Geography

  • U.S. History - Junior High

    U.S. History – Junior High

  • US Geography

    U.S. Geography


    World Geography – Full Year

  • Twentieth Century History - Modern World

    Twentieth Century History – Modern World


Junior High Science

  • TNHA Earth and Space Science online class with True North Homeschool Academy

    Earth and Space

  • Physical Science: Science at the Movies

    Physical Science: Science at the Movies

  • TNHA Biology and Physics Class for Middle School with True North Homeschool Academy

    Exploring Biology and Physics

  • Zoology



Junior High Language Arts

  • Institute for Excellence in Writing’s U.S. History

    Writing Skills 4: U.S.History

  • Jr High Literature and Composition Level 2

    Jr High U.S. Literature and Composition Level 1

  • Literature through film middle school composition class online for homeschoolers

    Literature through Film

  • Writing & Grammar - Narnia IEW

    Writing & Grammar – Narnia

  • TNHA online class writing skills 5 for middles school IEW Modern World

    Writing Skills 5 – Modern World

  • Organizing Your Writing

    Organizing Your Writing II

  • Jr High Literature and Composition Level 2

    Jr High Literature and Composition Level 2

  • Writing Skills: Narnia 2

    Writing Skills: Narnia 2

  • Journalism


  • Junior/Senior High Study Skills

    Junior/Senior High Study Skills


Bundles of  Classes – Discount for Purchasing Multiple Classes

You can purchase bundles of classes which can save you money. Bundles can be used by multiple children in your family as long as they are in the same level.

  • Junior High Three Class Bundle

  • Junior High Six Class Bundle

    Junior High Six Class Bundle


Gift Cards for K-12 Classes & Clubs


Give the gift of life-long learning! Now you can order gift cards for our K-12 online classes and clubs as well as our Parent Equipping Program.

Perfect for the grandparents that want to help with your homeschooling adventures.

Give a gift card to a homeschooling family in need. This is a terrifc last minute gift, or a surprise stocking stuffer for a homeschool student.

Personalize your gift with a message and choose your delivery date - your recipient can use it on a class of their choice. Take a look at the core and elective classes we offer each semester. 

Click below to view available gift cards.

A Sucessful TNHA Experience

  • A parent an email account
  • Computer access
  • Headphones & a microphone
  • Materials listed in the course description
  • A desire to learn in a FUN, interactive online community

If you have questions about the above please get in touch using our inquiry form.

Getting Enrolled

Once you have purchased your classes, initiate the enrollment process by using our Enrollment Form. Each enrollment is handle personally and requires our staff to set your child up in each class, as well as set up a dashboard in our learning management system so that assignments and grades can be easily tracked.


Using My School

Our learning management system is customized for your family. Plan to check email regularly for communications about schedules and changes, as well as tips and tech instructions to help you use your dashboards. Students need computer access to sign on to the live classes through Zoom and to login and see assignments and notes from their teachers. Parents  need to check their dashboard too.

Homeschool With Us Today!

We hope you will consider joining us for classes this year.

Please let us know if you have questions about any of the classes, levels or schedules.


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