Teacher Profile

Katie Andrews Potter

Elementary Teacher

Katie teaches live online classes for Elementary and middle school students including the Claritas Cycle III course in Classical MemoryElementary Writing and Middle School – Literature Through Film for True North Homeschool Academy.

About Katie

Katie lives with her family in Indianapolis, Indiana. She and her husband Ben, have three children; Ellie, Micah, and Silas. She’s lived in Indiana her whole life but loves to travel – especially to the Appalachian mountains. Katie also loves to write and has self-published several books. One of Katie’s passions is family history, both researching her own and sharing how to research and write about family history with children.
Potter family favorites are Star Wars, Disney movies, musical theatre, reading together, and going on hiking adventures. They are parishioners of Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Indianapolis.

Homeschool Experience

Katie and Ben have homeschooled their children since 2015. They never planned to homeschool but were inspired by a number of friends and neighbors who homeschooled and helped them start their journey. The Potters love the freedom and flexibility that comes with the homeschool lifestyle, and especially the time they get to spend together and the ability to pursue their passions and interests. 

Professional Degrees & Experience

Katie holds a Bachelors’s degree in Elementary Education from IUPUI. She has worked in Special Education and ABA Therapy. She has been an online ESL teacher for the past two years. She began on her adventure at True North in January 2020.



I am so thrilled to have you teaching my daughter. You can’t even imagine what you have done for her confidence in just a few short lessons. We love you!

True North Homeschool Parent