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Keep It Simple, Sister! 

If your family needs three degrees to understand what they need to do while you’re gone, that’s a problem. 

If the person helping you out feels like the instructions you left them are written in Mandarin Chinese with a splash of Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew, that’s a problem. 

If you’re frustrated because your best-laid plan was laid waste by that one kid who comes to you and says, “Mom, all you had to do was…”, then you need to simplify things, my dear. 

While we want everything to run like a well-oiled machine when we leave home (or even while we’re there), we must remember that we are dealing with human beings who all have differing needs. Instead of giving our families a Ph.D. dissertation on how we want things to go, eliminate the stress you’re going to put on yourself by using the KISS principle—Keep It Simple, Sister. 

But…why should I keep it simple? 

When things are simple, it is more likely to be done! 

How many times have you given up on something because it simply did not make sense that there were so many steps to follow? Trust and believe that your family feels the same way! When you make things hard—which we don’t always realize—it is not going to be done. I’ll give you an example.  

When we first started homeschooling while I worked, I expected my daughter to follow the same schedule she had been following in school. I made elaborate lesson plans for my husband to follow and made sure every moment of the day was accounted for, which made me feel good.

Then I noticed that school wasn’t getting done until after I got home. What I had left for my family took all day to do, and every night, my husband was telling me about something that needed to change, which was offensive to me. It wasn’t until I sat down with my daughter and asked her what she needed that things began to work better! Have you asked your family? 

When things are simple, creativity and spontaneity run wild! 

You will have much more time in the day to get things done when you keep things simple at home. You won’t always feel so rushed to do this and that once you come in for the day! If you’ve ever gotten home and was surprised to find that your family had already taken care of those things you’re usually rushing into the house to get done, then you know exactly what I mean. When your daily routine and tasks are simple, you won’t be bothered by the fact that your family wants breakfast for dinner. 

So, what are the things that I need to simplify? 

I can’t speak for everyone’s household; however, what I can do is offer a few suggestions: 

  • Your expectation of perfection—understand that it’s going to take time to get anything going. Baby steps will get you further than you think! Allow yourself time to refocus, revise, revamp, and change what is needed. 
  • The amount of stuff you use—there will be times when you can do more with less! You don’t need to buy a 1,000 piece kit to do something that can be done with a box, a flashlight, some glow sticks, and a little imagination. 
  • Your schedule—every moment of the day does NOT need to have something in it! When you don’t allow for flexibility, any little change will throw you off your game, and then nothing gets done! 
  • Your curriculum—consider using something that is online or self-paced! Building independence in your children will not breed anarchy but will give you the time that you need to get other things done. I know that’s difficult in this tech-crazed world; however, having something that they can do anywhere and at any time will make things simpler than you think. 

These are just a few of my thoughts as I continue in my year. For those of you who are just starting, I wish you the BEST in your school year! 


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Tammie Polk is a Mompreneur on a Mission! She is a married, homeschooling mother of three girls ages 15, 10, and 5 from Memphis, Tennessee. When she’s not pouring into her girls, you can find her writing, doing crossword puzzles, or playing games! Her major claim to fame is being the author of over 30 books on life, faith, family, and business- all of which were written in the last three years. Tammie is also a business coach, homeschool consultant, motivational and inspirational speaker, and international radio show host!




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