Kimberly Vogel

Kimberly Vogel began her journey in the education field over 20 years ago as a teacher in the classroom. After staying home with her children, she went back to work in the preschool field. During that time, God lead their family to homeschool their children. After realizing her daughter had learning struggles, Kimberly began her search to find what she could do for her struggling learner. This journey lead her to the National Institute of Learning Development (NILD) where she went through years of classes to become a Professionally Certified Educational Therapist (PCET) and a Certified Dyslexia Therapist (CDT) through the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).

As a homeschool mom, Kimberly has a heart for homeschool families. She opened the Thinking and Learning Center to reach families with struggling learners. The Thinking and Learning Center provides educational therapy, academic testing, and classes for struggling learners and students with learning disabilities. Kimberly has grown The Thinking and Learning Center by gathering around her a capable and caring group of professionals that believe in the program and offering hope to those in search of solutions. 

Other than being an educational therapist, Kimberly is active in her church. She has been married to Kevin for over 20 years and they have four beautiful daughters. Kimberly enjoys writing, and has a published children’s book! Now she writes a blog which brings encouragement for families and addresses struggling learners. In her free time, Kimberly enjoys gardening and crafts, and is often found with a ball of yarn or behind her loom.

Kimberly Vogel is True North Homeschool Academies Educational Consultant for students who struggle to learn or those who have special needs. The classes we are offering True North combines an educational therapy approach with tutoring to provide the best outcome for your student. She is available to answer questions and concerns.

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