Latin I
Latin I students can expect to discover the joy of the Latin language, the great mother tongue of English and also of the modern Romance languages! Working from Benjamin D’Ooge’s text Latin for Beginners, students will not only learn the fundamental mechanics of the language, but will also grow their vocabularies by learning the Latin roots of English, come to know the ins and outs of daily Roman culture, and appreciate the contributions of Greco-Roman society to our contemporary Western culture!
To the students who are unsure what level of Latin they should enroll in–this class will aim to cover the following grammatical areas, and doing so will comprise the bulk of the work. If you find yourself familiar with more than half of the following concepts, perhaps you should consider enrolling in the next level of Latin!
Principles of Grammar; First and Second Declensions; Agreement of Adjectives; Possessive Adjective Pronouns; All Noun Cases; The Nine Irregular Adjectives; The Demonstrative iseaid; Conjugation: Present, Imperfect, Future, Perfect, Pluperfect, and Future Perfect of sum, and 4 regular conjugations (active and passive). 
Required texts: Latin for Beginners by D’Ooges  ISBN-13: 978-1986691338

Spring Semester Classes & Clubs: Civics: Constitutional Studies, STOA Forensics and Speech, Creating Priorities for Students & Parents! Dismiss

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