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Latin, Math & Music: Universal Languages

Latin, Math and Music are the three universal languages. In other words, they transcend the culture barrier and speak to people regardless of what language they were raised with. It’s a great time to be learning all three and if your homeschool doesn’t integrate them into your program already, now it is the time! Students who understand the three universal languages have more tools in their toolbox as they interact and communicate with the world! 


Math is symbolic and defines shapes, space, time, volume and concepts. As you can see math concepts go way beyond a simple math text. You don’t need to share a language to share the beauty and simplicity of math. Students do need math to cook, build, create, shop, and so much more.


Music is evocative, but also keeps time, allowing us to understand something basic or complex with emotion, cadence and rhythm. The beauty of music allows us to respond to each other and the universe despite ability, age, reason or language. We all know that music can reduce anxiety and stress, refocus our energy and helps us memorize and hold on to memories.

Latin because it is the basis of western culture and the root of so many romance languages. The Ancient world was governed by this fascinating language it and it was integral to the formation of western culture. This fascinating language teaches your kids critical thinking skills, vocabulary and so much more! 

Latin, Math & Music: Simplify Your Homeschool Journey!

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the plethora of choices available. Homeschooling offers an abundance of riches and that can offer us so many possibilities, but also decision fatigue! You do not need  feel lost and burdened by how much you could do; take heart and simplify! Focusing on Math, Music and Latin, would allow you to provide a superior education to your kids!  Personally, I would add in some fantastic Bible studies, and you would be golden!

Create a Plan

Like me, you might not have considered these three subjects as languages and it is a bit of a paradigm shift to think of them as such. Doing so allows us to see the importance and beauty of each, and gives us a great apologetic for spending the time, money and resources needed to really dive in with all three of them.

Online opportunities abound to learn these three amazing languages; including both free and paid options. Our Academic Advising team is ready to walk you through a typical course of study, based on your students needs and goals and help you create a Personalized Learning Plan that is affordable and doable.