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Mack Gammeter

I attended high school in Rapid City, SD, and fell in love with learning in large part because of my chemistry teacher, under whom I took Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and Organic chemistry classes. She had passion and fueled my passion for science. In 2003, I graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver with a BS in Computer Science, minor in Math, and almost a minor in Chemistry. My masters was completed in 2013 at the same institution.

From 2003, I have worked for various companies, including Optiframe, Echostar, Musco Lighting, Omnitech, and Cars for Sale. At each of these companies I learned a great deal about software solutions, including database, desktop, graphics, and web development, as well as industry practices. I currently specialize in full-stack, MVC development in .net core.

During my academic career, I student-taught the C++ lab for several years, taught graphics programming to at-risk high-school seniors, and taught the basic of C# programming to 8th graders at a STEM school. I have also been the director of puppets at church off and on, led numerous bible studies and home fellowships, as well as filled in as music director as need has arisen. I enjoy teaching and guiding people to learn and grow in their understanding about creation in all its intricacies.

My lovely wife Holly and I, along with our inquisitive daughter, and occasional foreign exchange students, live on an acreage/mini-farm, along with our many animals, where we regularly host foreign exchange students.

Homeschool Experience: Mack and his wife have homeschooled their daughter for four years. 

Professional Degrees & Experience: BS (Minor in Math) and MS in Computer Science from the University of Colorado. Formerly Microsoft Certified Software Engineer.