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Teacher Profile

Makayla Brown

True North Homeschool Academy Teacher

Makayla teaches literature classes.

About Makayla

Makayla lives with her family in Northwest Arkansas, where she enjoys many of the delights that area has to offer.  Her basic approach to life is one of curiosity and research, which never fails to humble her, seeing God’s handiwork in it all. 

Homeschool Experience

She left the professional classroom after eleven years, and has been homeschooling since 2011, when researching literacy development led her to a conviction that Classical and Charlotte Mason methods were what her children needed.  She has also continued to teach multi-age groups in various homeschool co-ops for the last seven years. 

Professional Degrees & Experience

Bachelor of Science in Education, Master of Arts in History. In addition to homeschooling, Makayla has worked as a teacher and private tutor.