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About True North Homeschool Academy

We have been offering high quality classes for over ten years, live on-line. Two years ago, the company was acquired by long-time homeschooler and educator, Lisa Nehring and re-branded and re-named True North Homeschool Academy. Our program continues to provide exceptionally high quality high school classes and has expanded to include a K-6th grades, Junior High, Clubs, Testing, Advising, Community and more!

Our Blog, Emails and Face Book Page and Groups (True North Homeschool Tribe, Survive and Thrive Special Needs Homeschool and Classical Homeschool) as well as FaceBook Lives and weekly Podcast focus on quality educational tips, helps and resources to better serve the homeschooling market, with special emphasis on College and Career, Special Needs and Working Homeschooling Moms.

We host a weekly Podcast, “Soft Skills 101: Life Skills for a Digital Age” that explores the importance of a well-rounded and robust education that focuses, not just on excellent academics, but also on character development.

Services We Offer 

Product Reviews & Give-Aways -starting at $50 + Free Product
Sponsored Posts- starting at $75 per post + Free Product
Side-Bar Advertising -negotiable
Social Media Promotion- negotiable
Brand Ambassador- negotiable
FB Live Reviews
Podcast Partner& More!

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Media Kit 6-19-19