Teacher Profile

Melissa Grande

True North Homeschool Academy Teacher

Melissa is a True North Homeschool Academy teacher.

About Melissa Grande

Melissa resides with her family in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Although she lives in PA, she & her husband, Stephen, were both born & raised at the New Jersey shore. She considers herself a true beach bum & enjoys traveling back “home” with her family as much as they can. Melissa also enjoys reading books and perusing bookstores for hours with an awesome cup of tea in hand. She also enjoys hiking & any activities that can connect her with nature.

Homeschool Experience

Melissa has been a homeschool Mom for the past 7 years. Their family’s style of homeschooling is a mashup of Charlotte Mason, Classical & Unschooling. Previously, Melissa has served in various roles, including both leadership/administrative & teaching, at a homeschool co-op in their area. Currently, her family is enjoying being part of several groups in their area, including Wild+Free, Scouts of America & Academy of the Arts.

Professional Degrees & Experience

Melissa is a graduate of the University of Valley Forge, with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. During her undergraduate studies, she concentrated in both Music & English. She also has pursued post-graduate work in the field of Environmental Science. Currently, Melissa is a private voice instructor specializing in both Musical Theatre & Rock Performance Instruction. She also is a freelance vocalist in the greater Philadelphia, Reading & Lehigh Valley areas, performing on a regular basis.



I have had the honor of working with Lisa Nehring over the course of many years, both as a colleague and as an instructor for my middle school child.  She is well versed in the teaching of literature, composition, and writing to a variety of ages. Lisa clearly states objectives and offers realistic goals to her students.  As a parent and home educator, she offered suggestions and guidance that were attainable and gave me the confidence to guide my child towards success. Lisa has years of experience and insight into a variety of educational strategies and programs.  As a fellow educator and homeschooling parent, her expertise and encouragement are top-notch.  We have had multiple opportunities to collaborate and for me (and my child) to benefit from her wisdom. Any student or parent who has the opportunity to work with Lisa will benefit and be equipped to move forward in their educational journey.

Louisa B.

Homeschooling parent of many and fellow educator